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Would you make this move if you were the Eagles?

Let’s play the Pundit’s brand new blogging game show, “Would you make this move?”

Here’s a practice question, to get everybody warmed up: With the recent expulsion of Dan Leone, the Eagles have been in the news for reasons they probably don’t like. While many fans side with the Eagles, a rather large group remains disgruntled with the organization. If you were the Eagles, would you sign Kimberly Swann – as an act of good-will toward the fans – to replace Mr. Leone?

Alright, enough of the horseplay – let’s get down to some serious Eagles business. So I’m listening to a little bit of the Jody Mac show on ESPN Radio this morning, and I hear them talking about poor, embittered little Jay Cutler, who is putting it out there that he ain’t happy, and would like a trade if the Broncos don’t want to commit to him long-term. And they get to talking about what teams might be a fit, and your Philadelphia Eagles come up. So I ask:

Would you trade Donovan McNabb to the Broncos for Jay Cutler? Continue reading


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A guy the Eagles may have been saving up for?

Per Profootballtalk.com:

The St. Louis Rams have announced that tackle Orlando Pace, the No. 1 overall pick in the 1997 draft, has been released.

We recently were told that the Rams had been “trying like hell” to trade Pace.  Howard Balzer of the Sports Xchange pointed out earlier today that the move will save the Rams $5.975 million against the 2009 salary cap.

I’m torn on whether or not the Eagles should make a play at Pace, and whether or not they even would. Continue reading


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