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Diary of a Sports Lunatic

Stardate 042609. Feeling quite pleased with the Phillies three-game sweep of the Marlins. Truly filleted their bullpen. Opportunistic bats storm to the forefront. Jamie Moyer doesn’t drink cocktails, he sips from the fountain of youth. Cameron Maybin looks like a lost puppy at the plate. Raul Ibanez is the only man on the planet who has my full-fledged support to sport the soul patch. Need – desperately – to get tickets for next weekend’s series against the Mets.

And so our journey begins. Surely, there was no way to get tickets directly through the Phillies. Other mediums had to be explored, and thus, my roommate Lucy and I were forced into the most despicable of predicaments – dealing with online scalpers.

What a depraved, dishonest and dispassionate man the online scalper is. Hording away tickets that otherwise well-intentioned fans might purchase in order to make himself a buck. It’s bad enough that the Phillies have begun to attract teeny-boppers and frat boys who experiment with steroids, all attending in the name of “making the scene”; now, an honest fan can’t even buy a damn ticket at face value. Where were you during the Gregg Jeffries’ years, you bandwagon barbarians? Playing twister with all of the pink-jersey’d Eagles groupies, I’d imagine.


Though I will suffer them so long as they yell loudly when the real fans yell, and don’t make a complete mockery of the True Philadelphia Fan by stooping to the level of mindless marauder, feeding into the Exploitative National Media’s stock definition of our people.

That I cannot tolerate.

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I’m getting a little ferklempt: Eagles lose options, Sixers stay put. Talk amongst yourselves.

Rhode Island – neither a road, nor an island. Discuss.

Yesterday, the NFL took a personnel day. And if you’re an Eagles fan, it was a disappointing one. The Panthers made their move, and it wasn’t pretty for our Birds – by resigning Gross, and franchising Peppers, they took away two very interesting options.

Ah, what might have been...

Ah, what might have been...

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After the tumultous season the Eagles have had, they’re the sanest team in the NFC East? Actually, yeah…

Wait, that can’t be right. I mean, first, we had the controversy with Lito Sheppard. And all of the talk about how we couldn’t stop anybody’s running game and how Donovan couldn’t win the close ones. And then we tied the friggin’ Bengals, and Donovan admitted he didn’t know how the overtime system worked. Than, he got benched against the Ravens, for Chrissakes. All of this while most of Philly was calling for Andy Reid’s head on a silver platter, because of the unbalanced play-calling, and his terrible record at replay challenges, and his clock-management, and his inability to make in-game adjustments, and his personnel decisions, and…

Awwww dude, that is so not cool. Yeah, um, that was the only picture we could find with a head on a silver platter-  yeah, that sounds right...

Awwww dude, that is so not cool. Yeah, um, that was the only picture we could find with a head on a platter. Right...

Where does the whole sane thing come into play, exactly?

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At this point, The Pundit is just confused – Evaluating the Eagles win over the Cardinals

I made a mistake last week – I let my emotions get the best of me. I had said that I would spend the rest of the season evaluating Andy Reid in an earlier post, and then I sold him out last week. I was upset, you know? (Editor’s note: I just wish I knew which Pundit I was going to get from day to day…it’s so taxing!) I still don’t understand the McNabb benching, or much of the playcalling, but I threw in the towel earlier than I should have. I won’t overreact like that again, I promise.

Which means you won’t see me doing any jumping jacks after the Eagles dominant performance against the Cardinals.

Yes,  McNabb looked sharp, and Westbrook seemed to have an extra bounce in his hobbled step. The defense played really well, disrupting Kurt Warner’s timing and pounding the receivers every time a ball was thrown their way. I mean, I don’t know what was going on with Anquan Boldin, but he was like a bad cell phone plan, except he was dropping balls (Editor’s note: Oh God, that was just so lame. Besides, isn’t he a little bit old for that?) Great, great gameplan drawn up by Jim Johnson.

Oh, and Andy Reid called a balanced game. They actually…gasp…established a running game. I repeat: they established a running game. Hold on, hold on, did you happen to catch that? Hmm? Alright, one last time:


Ahhhhhh, that felt good. Gotta say, I like Kyle Eckel. I don’t foresee him as much more than a short-yardage, straight-up-the-gut runner, but honestly, that’s all we need him to be. Westbrook and Buckhalter, when he comes back, are perfectly capable of handling the rest of the running duties. And it was a revelation to watch McNabb scramble out of the pocket – when he uses his legs, even if it is only for a small chunk of yardage, the Eagles offense is nearly indefensible. They looked good in every phase of their game: they ran the ball successfully, McNabb was accurate from the 1st quarter to the 4th, he scrambled when he needed to, the tight ends were involved in the offense, the offensive line dominated the line of scrimmage, and the wideouts made plays with the ball after the catch.

Speaking of catches, here’s the biggest one of the night: they did all of this against a mediocre Cardinal’s defense.

I mean, honestly, as you watched, were you excited by this performance? Or, like me, were you convinced that this was a beautiful game that likely couldn’t be repeated against the NFC East teams? (Editor’s note: Why you always gotta be hatin’, homeboy?) Because if they are able to play the three phases against those teams like they did tonight, they are capable, unlikely as it may seem, of running the table. But what Eagles team will show up? To me, that’s the theme of this season, and I think it is still a reflection of the coach and QB: when the playcalling is on point, and the QB is accurate and using his legs, this team is one of the best teams in the NFL. (Editor’s note: To be fair, a banged-up Westbrook has affected this offense as well. But that’s as much slack for the Birds as you’ll get from me). Seriously, when the Eagles are on point, they are as good as anyone in this league. But when they aren’t clicking, they are a subpar team on the field, and an infuriating team to watch. The type of team that will be playing golf in a month.

So I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Who are you, Eagles? Who who, who who? Because I would really, really like to friggin’ know.

(*Just thought of this: the guy played a good game, but why is Joselio Hanson starting ahead of Lito Sheppard? Is he hurt? Or are Lito’s Philly days numbered? Food for thought…)

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The Pundit’s game notes from one of the worst Eagles games ever

From the Editor: The Pundit is so enraged right now by the effort displayed by the Eagles offense in their 13-13 tie, he only submitted his unedited notes from the game and said, “Here – you deal with this.” Thanks, Pundit. Here are his slightly edited notes, just in case you felt like reliving the train wreck that was this game.

Another three and out to start the game – McNabb throws high to Westbrook on a short swing route than overthrows an open Curtis in the middle of the field which would have given the Eagles a first down.

I just saw Joselio Hanson in the game – but not Lito Sheppard. Why?

Two straight three and outs. Spectacular start.

Engagement ring commercials are so sad – they always make it seem like the woman is super excited about getting the ring, not about getting married -“sure, he’s a questionable guy to settle down with, but look at this rock – I had to say yes!”

Good job by the Eagles defense of knocking the Bengals out of field goal range after they had the ball around the thirty – a sack by Trent Cole and then Joselio Hanson on a delayed blitz

McNabb gets sacked trying to scramble, fumbles the ball, and Frostee Rucker picks it up, takes it to the 1 yard line. If I was a drug dealer, my alias would be Frostee – ‘cuz I’m the snow man, bitches! I makes it rain ‘cuz I makes it snow, ya dig? (Editor’s note: Oh dear God…)

Good job by the Eagles defense of bailing out McNabb and holding the Bengals to a field goal after they started with the ball on the 1 yard line.

The Eagles had three yards of offense in the first quarter – I repeat, three fucking yards of offense in the first quarter.

Nice screen play to Buckhalter, 44 yarder. I heart Correll Buckhalter. (Editor’s note: Feeling a little fruity there, Pundit?)

Wow. L.J. Smith is actually involved in the offense early on in the game.

David Akers hits a field goal longer than 40 yards! A 42 yarder! Whooo!

Thank God for Trent Cole – already two sacks in this game.

Antonio Chatman gets JACKED UP on a wideout screen and fumbles, which is recovered by Darren Howard. Way to earn that paycheck, buddy.

Eagles complete a pass with 2:25 left on the clock in the first half, and allow it to run into the 2 minute warning. Granted, they have the ball on the 50 yard line, but is this good clock management? Should they have tried to get another play off before the 2 minute warning?

McNabb throws a pick right to Bengals linebacker Brandon Johnson. He was trying to loft one on a seam route to L.J. Smith – an absolutely awful, awful pass that cost the Eagles at least a field goal, and may set the Bengals up for one of their own

Bengals get a touchdown out of McNabb’s interception – specccccctacular. Fitzpatrick does a nice job adjusting to and beating the blitz, hits T.J. Whateverhislastnameis on a post route, who was being covered by Joselio Hanson. Was Lito on the field?

After Shayne Graham puts the kickoff out of bounds, Donovan throws a nice pass to DeSean Jackson to get the Eagles in field goal range – then a McNabb pass bounces off of Kevin Curtis’ shoulder and into the hands of the Bengals. Looked as though Donovan’s throw caught Curtis off guard, which seems to be a timing thing.

Thus concludes perhaps the worst, most pathetic half of football I have ever watched the Eagles play – I am disgusted right now. (Editor’s note: You don’t say).

We begin where we left off – Demps bobbles the kickoff, Eagles to start their first drive on the 11.

And the Eagles go three and out to start the half – I would be having a better time getting a root canal then I am having watching this game.

Talking about Fitzpatrick and his Harvard education, Goose says “Hey, Harvard – they teach a lot of stuff there.” Thanks for that Ivy League insight, Goose.

Shayne Graham field goal, 13-3 lead for the Bengals. I repeat: 13-3 lead for the 1-8 Bengals. Unbelievable.

Good job by McNabb scrambling, nice pass to Hank Baskett, who does a great job running with the ball after the catch. Another big play for Hank, who seems to be good for 1 or 2 of them a game. Big 57 yards, maybe that will wake up this offense.

Touchdown pass to L.J. smith, Eagles do a nice job answering the field goal with a touchdown of their own, and maybe, just maybe we’re back in this game.

Eagles defense has played well, granted against the Bengals. They three and out the Bengals offense once again.

Another terrible interception by McNabb, trying for the seam to L.J. again, who was being blanketed. A really awful throw by McNabb.

Bengals go for it on 4 and 16 at the Eagles 33 – they obviously didn’t want to go for the field goal there, but why not punt it?

McNabb almost throws another interception! What the fuck is wrong with him today? (Editor’s note: Must not have had his Chunky Soup).

Chris Clemons gets a sack – I forgot he was on the Eagles.

Curtis is wide open, drops a perfect pass. Goose says it best: “That was just really bad placement – right in the hands”

Ohmigod, ohmigod, ohmigod – the Eagles converted a fourth and short on a McNabb quarterback sneak! I am so happy right now!

Akers ties it at 13. Oh man, we are set up for a super exciting finish – actually, I just think I’ll be super excited when this game ends. (Editor’s note: Amen to that, brotha).

The Bengals get a delay of game call on a fake punt. Ahahahahahahahahahaha, to be a Bengals fan must be so painful on a daily basis.

Eagles punt the ball with 2 minutes left, then three and out the Bengals, breaking up two passes, only 16 seconds came off of the clock. If it weren’t for a stellar defensive effort today, and the fact that we’re playing the Bengals, the Eagles would have gotten crushed today based upon their offensive effort. (Editor’s note: I don’t know if it was intended, but there is definitely a double entendre on the word “offensive” today).

Eagles proceed to waste only 22 seconds, go three and out, hooray. Though, on the third and ten, Westbrook got basically tackled before the ball got to him by, of all fucking people, Dhani Jones – aggggghhhhhhhh!

Chris Clemons makes another play, decking the running back during a screen pass – when did we pick him up? Oh, we signed him to a huge deal in the offseason? Riiiiiiigggghhhhht. (Editor’s note: In all seriousness, though, Clemons did play a nice game for the Eagles today).

Eagles get their 7th sack of the game, and the Bengals go 3 and out once again – thank you for your efforts, defense. If the Eagles win, you get all the credit.

Oh man, I am so excited right now – this unbelievably exciting game is going to overtime! I could watch football of this caliber for days and days and days at a time. Now if you’ll excuse me, I am going to go find some rope and a high ceiling.

Why did “Nugget Alert” just pop up on the bottom-left of my television screen? Is Goose getting baked on the sidelines? Mmmmmmm…baked goose.

The Bengals, inexplicably, try to run the ball on a third and six play. Bad audible by Fitzpatrick. Thank God we are playing the Bengals today.

Suddenly, the Eagles can’t stop getting penalties. Unreal. We’ve cost ourselves, during the second offensive drive of the overtime, 20 yards, without counting the 15 yard play that was negated by Kevin Curtis’ offensive pass interference. Ugly, ugly football being played today by this offense.

Sav Rocca’s punts have been absolutely atrocious today. I am just so angry and ornery right now – this game has not been good for my blood pressure. (Editor’s note: If you don’t have anything nice to say…)

Asante Samuel makes another solid play, breaking up a pass to The Human Being Formerly Known as Chad Johnson, setting up a huge 3rd and 11 for the Bengals.

Huuuuuge sack by Darren Howard, the Birds’ 8th of the game, and they will get the ball back with a chance to FINALLY win this damn game.

And the Eagles fucking blow it and go fucking three and out – again! I am so infuriated right now – I’m hate typing right now. It’s the only positive way I can release all of my rage. If I were to see a bald eagle flying around right now, I’d shoot it out of the sky. That’s how pissed I am at this Eagles team, specifically their offense right now.

I am so sick and tired of the unnecessary roughing the passer penalties that are littering every NFL game. They called one on Sheldon Brown on a perfectly legitimate hit, which put the Bengals in field goal range – unacceptable. This roughing the passer business needs to be seriously discussed in the offseason.

And Shayne Graham misses what would have been a game winning, 47 yard field goal attempt. Does anybody want to win this game?

And thus ends a 13-13 tie. Honestly, this was one of, if not the worst football game I have ever watched. Anything positive I had previously posted about the eagles making the postseason pretty much just went out the window. Playoff teams don’t play 13-13 games against 1-8 football teams. BOOOOOOOO!!!

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The Pundit finally writes about the Sixers…no, wait, he’s just more interested in the Eagles, like everyone else

So, I was planning on writing a  tongue-in-cheek post about how the Sixers aren’t playing really well because no one cares about them yet, and won’t until the Eagles are done for the year. I was going to joke about how they were like a little kid who gets in trouble when Mom and Dad aren’t around, but behave well once they are. I was going to reference the slow start last year, and it was going to be a fine and dandy post.

But I’d rather just write about the Eagles.

Chad Johnson: An Eagle in 2009?

I mean, it sounds like he’d be down. An excerpt from the Philly Inquirer today:

But you can’t put it past McNabb, or for that matter Johnson, for trying to lay some groundwork for 2009. Johnson is under contract with the Bengals through 2011, and while they weren’t willing to trade Johnson this past off-season, one never knows what will happen after this season.

“I’ve always been a fan of [McNabb], and especially Philly,” Johnson said. “The fans in Philly are the real deal, and that would be a real joy to give them a treat.”

So are you back to saying you want to get traded, Chad?

“Oh, yeah. OK. Next question,” Johnson said.

Could I get into seeing The Human Being Formerly Known as Chad Johnson playing for the Eagles? Um, yeah, I suppose I could get used to the idea. But let’s be honest: the Eagles will go out and pick up a guy like Bobby Engram and be way, way too over hyped about the pick-up. Lorenzo Booker, anyone? Let’s be honest: we’ve all become totally jaded toward any personnel moves the Eagles make. Which is the perfect segue for the next boldfaced topic:

Is Andy Reid nearing his end?

Some people seem to think he should be. Like every radio host in Philadelphia not named Howard Eskin. And apparently, Jason Whitlock, who ranked Andy Reid as the worst coach in football this year. Wow.

Twice this season Reid has taken the game out of the hands of Donovan McNabb and tried to win at crunch time with his running game. Here’s a coach who loves to throw on damn near every down except when the game is on the line. I also blame Reid for the Eagles failing to trade a second-round draft pick for Tony Gonzalez. Other than the one season with Terrell Owens, McNabb has made a living throwing the ball to the James Thrashes of the world. It’s ridiculous. I’m convinced the Eagles don’t want to win it all.

Now, I haven’t exactly been pleased with Andy Reid and many of his decisions this year, and I wouldn’t have given up a number two for Tony Gonzalez (Editor’s note: I guess The Pundit doesn’t think his shit stinks or something). But the worst coach in the NFL? I think that is sheer mularky. I mean, what about the amazing job Rod Marinelli has done in Detroit? Or Wade Phillips in Dallas, who has a whole lot more talent to work with than Reid does. Go ahead, make the Romo argument – they are still playing like a team of uncontested egos that lack a strong, central leader to guide their ship. Listen, I don’t think Andy should be the GM, but I’m not ready to give up on him yet as a coach. Are his two-minute drills atrocious? Yeah, they are. Should they be running the ball more? Hmmm, funny I should ask:

Are the Eagles starting to get tired of their one-dimensional offense?

Well, at least one prominent Eagle, Brian Westbrook, thinks they should be running the ball more consistently.

Westbrook said the Eagles don’t always show enough commitment to running plays when things are going poorly.

“We don’t always have it, no,” he said. “At some points in some games, we have it. At some points in other games, we don’t. I think there are situations at times when we probably should have more commitment to the run.”

– and –

“If you don’t get those carries, then you don’t really establish a rhythm,” Westbrook said. “It’s tough to do it with a couple carries here, a couple carries there.”

Listen: I guarantee you, Westbrook isn’t the only Eagle feeling this way. He’s just one of the guys, like McNabb, that is allowed to say these things. To me, this does not reflect well on the perception the players have of their head coach. They aren’t buying into his scheme, and to be frank, they shouldn’t be – it has been flawed. So, if the perception of the head coach from the fans, the national media, the local media, and the players isn’t positive, um, how secure is Mr. Reid? James Beale over at The Sports Complex makes a valid point:

Jeffrey Lurie is a man concerned about his image and the image of his team.  With fans clamoring for Reid’s head – and prominent national columnists joining the fight – barring an appearance in the NFC championship game, Reid won’t make it to next season.

I think Reid is safe if this team makes the playoffs, but if they fail to do that, he could be in trouble. Do I think Jeffrey Lurie will be loyal to the man that led the Eagles to 4 NFC Championship games? Yeah, probably. Do I think he’ll let the guy who drafted Donovan McNabb, Brian Westbrook, Trent Cole, Lito Sheppard, Sheldon Brown, Shawn Andrews and DeSean Jackson remain as the team’s GM? Probably, though I really think Andy should just focus on coaching. I was waiting to see how long things would get back to normal after the Phillies won the World Series; I should have known a loss to the Giants would get us back into the swing of things.

Hey, at least if the ‘Iggles blow it, we’ve always got the Sixers and Flyers, right?

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Eagles Roundtable: Talking out the Lito Drama

So, after Sheldon Brown lashed out at “agent fatale” Drew Rosenhaus for his remarks that Lito should probably be starting, the Lito Sheppard situation finally reached another plateau (Editor’s note: Or a pretty silly low). Really, isn’t it time for all of the parties to sit down and talk amongst themselves? (Editor’s note: Here’s a topic: Rhode Island. Neither a road, nor an island. Discuss). The Pundit thinks so, and thus, employing his impressive networking abilities, has brought the players in this saga together to talk this out. (Editor’s note: Let’s reword that sentence: The Pundit thinks so, and thus, employing a disturbing and overactive imagination, has made up a dialogue between Andy Reid, Drew Rosenhaus, Lito Sheppard, a nameless Philly sportswriter, and Sheldon Brown).

Sheldon Brown: Keep my name out of your mouth, Rosenhaus. You don’t know me, motherfu@&*#! I been here 7 years, bitch.

Sportswriter: How does it make you feel when your agent insults your teammate, Lito?

Lito Brown: Hey, I mean, you know that I personally would never insult a teammate. That being said, I mean, I can’t be telling Drew how to do his job, you dig? If he thinks that calling out my teammate will get me paid, then SHOW ME THE MONEY! But like I said, I would never call out a teammate to get what I want. Sheldon’s my dawg.

Drew Rosenhaus: What was said has nothing to do with what I think about Sheldon – we just feel that Lito is an unbelievably great corner who deserves to start. Even if that means he should be taking a spot away from a safety or defensive linemen, or Brian Westbrook.  Hell, I don’t care who has to go, Lito is one of the classic football players ever. EVER! I have nothing but respect for Sheldon Brown, but I am getting paid by Lito Sheppard, so start his ass so that when he leaves the Eagles, we each get paid more.

Sportswriter: Andy, what is your response to all of the talk that Lito should be starting?

Andy Reid: Hey listen, you know, we’re going to do what gives us the best chance to win. Right now, we feel like we’re doing what gives us the best chance to win.

Sportswriter: So are you saying that Sheldon Brown starting gives you a better chance to win than starting Lito Sheppard?

Andy Reid: We feel really good about the rotation we’ve got in place, we’ll be putting three really good corners out on the field a whole lot this year. We feel real good about that.

Sportswriter: Andy, do you have the ability to actually answer a question.

Andy Reid: I feel very good about the answers that I gave – I’m going to stick with those answers.

Drew Rosenhaus: Andy, its time to get something done. Lito either needs to get paid, get a trade, or start every play. Damn I’m clever!

Andy Reid: Yeah, about that. Not going to happen. We have all of the leverage right now. We’re not going to resign him this year; he’s been too injury prone to go and give a long-term deal. We won’t trade him, because nobody else in the NFL is going to put out for a guy they think may be injury prone, and we’re holding out for a bounty. And, this is a business, so we’ll start Sheldon, because we don’t need to piss off a guy we figure will be an Eagle for years to come. You’re stuck, Lito, and you know it. Sit out, or play like crap, and you won’t get paid next year. Got ya, bitch (Editor’s note: Oh c’mon, even in an imaginary dialogue, Andy Reid wouldn’t curse).

Lito Sheppard: (Seen pouting and pacing in a huff) I made two Pro Bowls, damnit. I’m a really good player when I’m not hurt. Seriously, this entire offseason has really been bad for my ego. You’re all jerks!

Drew Rosenhaus: (Now dressed in a monkey suit and dancing around on a table) Oh Andy, I’ve got a little surprise for you. Hey Sheldon, come close, you can see too. (Rosenhaus pulls out his, um, yeah, you know what he pulls out, and starts taking a leak on Reid and Brown). Is this what it is going to take to get something done? I didn’t want to bring out the monkey suit and start up the pissing dance, but I’ve got nothing left. If this doesn’t work, I don’t know what will. Damn, I’m a whiz! (Editor’s note: Groan).

Sportswriter: Lito, what do you think about your agent peeing all over your coach and good friend, Sheldon Brown?

Lito Sheppard: I mean, I would never do this personally. But if that’s what Drew has got to do, then that is what Drew has got to do. I mean, he’s the agent, not me. Interesting tactics, I admit, but you’ve got to talk to Drew about that. Drew gotta be Drew, and Lito gotta be Lito, and damn the consequences. Yo Sheldon, here dawg, here’s a handkerchief. We’ll probably need to hug in front of the cameras after this.

Sportswriter: Andy, does this latest tactic change anything between Lito and the Eagles? Is peeing on somebody crossing the line?

Andy Reid: We’re moving forward. End of story. As for whether or not peeing on somebody is crossing the line, hey, you know, everybody can try what they want. That being said, we’re not going to respond to that. Not going to happen.

Sheldon Brown: (Seen beating Drew Rosenhaus unmercifully). FOOL, YOU BETTER CHECK YO’SELF!

Footnote: An “agent fatale,” as mentioned in the first paragraph, is much akin to a femme fatale, but in agent form. Essentially, an “agent fatale” lures his clients into believing he can achieve something for them using his slick and seductive talk of money, only to ruin the players repuatation and accomplish very little for said clients. From here on out at The Pattison Pundit, Drew Rosenhaus will be simply referred to as The Agent Fatale.

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The Lito Sheppard Conundrum Post

So wait, let me get this straight – Lito Sheppard isn’t happy with his contract? Hold on just one second – he isn’t starting? And he started taking jabs at the organization about all of this again? Well, slap me silly and call me Cletus, I had no idea (Editor’s note: The Pundit is into some weird shit).

As usual, Lito is stoking the media fire, apparently in an attempt to either get the team to trade him or to renegotiate his contract. His tactics, as John Gonzalez enlightens us, are the stuff of schoolyard lure.

Remember back in the day when you wanted to fight someone at school? You almost never called the guy out face-to-face. You used intermediaries. You talked trash about your adversary through the grapevine until he didn’t have a choice. Jimmy picks his nose. Jimmy was adopted. Jimmy plays with Barbies and listens to show tunes.

Now, I see what Mr. Gonzalez is doing here. Clever, really. See, he’s saying that Lito is being childish (Editor’s note: If you had just gotten hit in the face with a brick, the Pundit would smugly “inform” you that you had just gotten hit in the face with a brick. You know, just in case you were unaware). I remember such days, days of childish games, days where not much mattered so the smallest happenings became newsworthy.

Ohmigosh, did you hear what Johnny is saying about Jimmy? He’s saying he likes show tunes. No, I don’t know which show tunes. I mean, if you really need to know, some from Grease I guess. Ohmigosh, I know, John Travolta is sooooo cute. Oh, I don’t know what its really all about, something about how Johnny doesn’t think Jimmy is playing fair out on the playground. Well, obviously Jimmy doesn’t agree, and so they started arguing about it, and now Johnny is even saying he was adopted. No, I’ve seen Jimmy’s parents, they aren’t wolves. Oh, who cares who’s right. I haven’t even really thought about it – I’ve been too busy giggling about what Johnny is saying about Jimmy.

Well, The Pundit isn’t giggling. Fact is, I wasn’t surprised that the Eagles were reluctant to renegotiate a deal with Lito. After all, they’re reluctant to renegotiate with anyone, aren’t they? Only Brian Westbrook seems able to win a showdown with them, and there are two primary reasons for it: Westbrook is not only the key to the offense, but one of the best offensive weapons in football. That’s number one. Number two is simple: everyone knows it. Westbrook easily defeats the Eagles in the court of public opinion, no doubt about it.

Lito, however, is not so lucky.

After all, he is injury prone. In the last three seasons, Sheppard has missed 14 games. But in the 34 games he has played, he has put up fairly solid numbers – 11 interceptions, 1 returned for a touchdown, with 33 passes deflected. In 2006, he picked off 6 passes and deflected 19 in 13 games, leading to his second Pro Bowl selection (2004 was the other).

So, Lito is solid when he is healthy but tends to get injured, meaning the Eagles aren’t quite willing to sign him to a long-term deal. That seems fair to me. However, if they aren’t going to trade him, a simple question lingers: should Lito be starting over Sheldon Brown? (Editor’s note: Obviously, after luring Asante Samuel from the Patriots with a cool 57 mil, the Eagles plan on starting him).

Sheldon Brown, in the same three years we used to analyze Lito, put up the following numbers: 48 games played, 8 interceptions, 49 passes deflected, 2 defensive touchdowns. Fact is, Sheldon Brown has never missed a game, though in his six year career, he has 13 total interceptions, a whopping two more than the total Lito Sheppard put in his past 34 games. Granted, Brown is more durable and had a high number of pass deflections.

Those are the numbers. But I know why you’re really here: what is The Pundit’s gut telling him? (Editor’s note: No more kielbasa from that sandwich joint in North Philly). Throw out any potential argument that Sheldon Brown is more used to playing his side of the field; I played corner, and though it was only high school ball, you adjust fairly quickly to either side you are playing on. Besides, these guys aren’t going to always be locked into one side. In my opinion, when Lito is on the field, I think he’s the better corner of the two. It’s a tough comparison: Lito is more flashy and will get you picks. Sheldon is steady, a big hitter, and normally ends up around the ball. I think Lito is a slightly better man corner; I think Sheldon is more physical.

Verdict: The Eagles are right in waiting to resign Lito, though if they can get a really sweet deal for him (which seems unlikely), I think they should take it. So, if Lito’s hanging around, I think he should be the starter. I understand that all of these guys are going to see a lot of time, but I truly believe Lito is better. Arguments are certainly encouraged.

Oh, great, the Eagles are going to appeal. Here’s their side: Hey, Lito Sheppard already isn’t happy with us. He may not be an Eagle after this year. But, no matter what happens with Lito, Sheldon Brown is still going to be here. Why piss off two guys, when you can just piss off the one who may be gone soon anyway?

Because you do what gives you the best chance to win. Sheldon is a big boy; he can deal with it. He’ll would be getting almost as many snaps anyway.

Oh, and from what I hear, Jimmy is a huge fan of Rent. (Editor’s note: I totally knew he was a little bitch).

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Waking with The Pundit

Quick hits this morning.

The Phillies lose to the Nationals. Oh Kyle Kendrick, why do you do it to me?

Your daily Eagles fix – Lito is back in the news. Oh, goody.

The Sixers continue to add to their roster. Everybody give a nice, warm Philly welcome to Donyell Marshall.

It sure has been a rough stretch for Roger Clemens – can’t help but feel a little bit sorry for the guy, especially after this.

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(Editor’s note: Ok, these titles are getting out of hand)

Tonight, ladies and gentlemen, is a fine day to be a sports fan. The US Men’s Basketball team is taking on Argentina as we speak. Then, this evening, you have more Olympics, the Eagles against the Patriots, and the Phillies opening up a key series against those pesky Dodgers. Alas, The Pundit will be working until 10 this evening (Editor’s note: Damn boss), thereby missing both the Eagles and Phillies. Blasphemy! Anyway, on to the day’s links.

Hey fans. Listen up out there: there is no way you are getting Anquan Boldin. You crazy idiots! (Editor’s note: The Pundit would just like to emphasize that these are not his words. These are the word’s of the “experts” and the Eagles). Clearly, a trade for Anquan Boldin would have already happened if it were going to happen. Because when we were first shopping Lito Sheppard, you know, we didn’t have 2 first round picks next year. And Boldin hadn’t been talking on the Dan Patrick show about how he wanted out. And, though the Eagles probably were inquiring about receivers, I fully believe they were perfectly fine with going into this season with the receivers we had in place, which, of course, included a healthy Kevin Curtis. And, apparently, they’re still okay with it. But its okay, everyone, because we have Lorenzo Booker to take some reps now. Whew, forgot about that. Thank God for the legend that is Lorenzo Booker. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to turn on a blow dryer, throw it into the bath tub and get myself washed up. (Editor’s note: Lucy! Yup, the Xanax, please).

Your guide to the Eagles preseason duel with the Patriots tonight. Yes, pay attention to the wide receivers. Let’s get a taste of how our receivers react to bland, basic coverage schemes. Also, how will Asante Samuel react to playing his old team – in a meaningless preseason game? Good golly, you could cut the tension with a spoon. (Editor’s note: I’m sensing dangerous levels of cynicism. He’s still angry about the Boldin thing). Let’s see how Demps does on kick returns, and DeSean Jackson on punt returns. Let’s see how crisp McNabb’s passes are, and how he looks in the pocket. Look to see how Tony Hunt looks at fullback, if they give him reps there. Focus on whether or not the offensive and defensive lines are able to get a surge, the offensive line in the running game (pay attention to Shawn Andrews, who is back), and the defensive line so that the linebackers can make plays unblocked. Look to see if the Eagles are swarming like they did against the Panthers – this isn’t a team with a ton of guys who will dominate match-ups, so they have to play excellent team defense to excel. Watch Mr. Akers – I’d like to see him tee up some 40+ yarders.

You broke my heart, Phillies. (Editor’s note: Insert dramatic kiss of brother here).  Beerleaguer misses Aaron Rowand, and so do I.

Ed Stefanski is okay in The Pundit’s book (Editor’s note: It’s a pop-up book – he likes the pictures). Some good stuff from Stefanski over at The 700 Level.

Just in case you missed the USA in basketball this morning – another liveblogging here (Editor’s note: I feel dirty). Pretty cool excerpt about LeBron James asking Kobe Bryant to translate some trash talk to the Argentinian players for him (Editor’s note: That’s diplomacy, people).

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