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NFL Preview Part…um, yeah, you see what had happend was…

So, I’ve decided that I really don’t feel like previewing every team in the NFL. Fact is, I can’t properly do it justice like a team’s beat reporters or local bloggers do. Plus, NFL.com has got a pretty solid feel for what’s going on in each city, so you could always check them out. Fear not, an Eagles preview is coming, but doing the rest of the NFL has been far too time-consuming, kind of dry, and only mildly insightful, at best. Here at The Pattison Pundit, The Pattison Pundit strives to be entertaining and at least Medium insightful, if not Spicy insightful (Editor’s note: I just tried the Fire insightful – I had to drink a case of beer to keep from going insane). So, apologies to any of you who were eagerly awaiting my next NFL divisional preview (Editor’s note: So that’s what they mean when they say “the silence is deafening”).

Anyhoo, be sure to check in to tomorrow for the debut of a new (and special Labor day edition) feature –  The Pundit List. Tomorrow’s list? Essential picnic games.

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