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The Pattison Pundit sucks! (Crap, now the Pundit has to fire himself). Digging into the Dan Leone situation

From the Editor: We are sad to announce today that the Pattison Pundit has fired himself from his own blog. It recently came out that the Pundit had made some rather disparaging remarks about himself on his own Facebook page, as well as on the title above. Granted, he didn’t do it on company time, he immediately took the comment down, and he apologized for it profusely – but no matter. The Pundit has decided to strike down upon himself with a firm vengeance. A warning? No. A conversation about why such commentary is and was inappropriate? Not gonna happen. The Pundit is being firm with himself on this one – he’s fired.

So, if you haven’t read the Gonzo piece by now on the Eagles employee who was fired by the Eagles for a Facebook comment he made, by all means, catch yourself up. Here’s the gist:

Like a lot of Philadelphians, Leone was upset when Dawkins became a Bronco. So he did what a 32-year-old does these days: He vented on Facebook. “Dan is [expletive] devastated about Dawkins signing with Denver. . .Dam Eagles R Retarted!!”

Now, this isn’t really an appropriate thing to say. You don’t bust out the whole retarded thing – especially if you are going to spell it wrong. Not a good move on multiple levels. But did it warrant this?

Less than two days after posting the Dawkins remarks, Leone said, he was contacted by Leonard Bonacci, the team’s director of event operations. According to Leone, Bonacci said they needed to talk about Leone’s Facebook page, and Leone agreed. Leone – who deleted the comment – figured that the two would sit down and that he could apologize to Bonacci in person. But Leone said Bonacci never got back to him after that.

Two days later, Leone said, he received a call from Rachel Vitagliano, the team’s guest services manager. Leone said she fired him over the phone. The conversation lasted less than 10 minutes.

No warning. No suspension. No face-to-face meeting. Just a quick call to tell Leone he’d been terminated.

Whew. Seems a bit harsh, right? Continue reading


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Still riding the high – The Pundit gives his final thoughts from Sunday, and looks ahead to the Cardinals…

You know, I really hate Mondays. Hate ’em. I never get enough sleep because my body has adjusted to my weekend schedule – you know, go to bed in the morning, and wake around noon. So right off the bat, I’m walking into work groggy. Today was no exception, of course – I couldn’t fall asleep at a reasonable hour, mustered only four hours of sleep, and had to skip my normal breakfast and coffee to get to work on time. Any other Monday, I’d be starting the week off miserable.

But damn it all if I didn’t feel like a million friggin’ bucks today. I mean, I was feeling absolutely wonderful.

And you know why? Oh, right: E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!!! Sometimes, I wonder about my love of sports, and how temperamental it makes my behavior. Had the Eagles lost yesterday, today would have been crappy based on its Mondayness, compounded ten-fold by an Eagles loss. (Editor’s note: Sad, but true).

But today was just a beautiful day. Lovely, really. Some more thoughts about yesterday: Continue reading


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