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The Pundit’s NFL Mocking Draft, Part Two

As noted before, I’m a huge fan of the NFL draft – but it’s way too soon to predict, with any semblance of accuracy, what will actually happen. This is what I came up with instead. (Find Part One here)

17. New York Jets – With the 17th pick, the Jets have selected: A designated scapegoat. Literally, they drafted some guy off of the street for the sole purpose of blaming all of their problems on him.  Genius move – why didn’t Mangini think of this?

18. Chicago Bears – With the 18th pick, the Bears have selected: Jim McMahon. And his super cool shades. Why the hell not?

I mean, what could I possibly add to this?

I mean, what could I possibly add to this? Other then: Bangles' Hot LP? Really?

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Were we judging the Eagles with “Cheer Goggles” on? The Pundit wonders…

By now, I’m sure you know what beer goggles are. If not, I guess you’ve been living under a rock for quite some time or something. (Editor’s note: Kudos for surviving that predicament, by the way). Anyway, the fine folks over at Urban Dictionary do a wonderful job of defining this occurrence.

1. Beer Goggles

Phenomenon in which one’s consumption of alcohol makes physically unattractive persons appear beautiful.

And we haven't even gotten into liquor goggles

And we haven't even gotten into liquor goggles

There is something similar in sports. I call them “Cheer Goggles.” Essentially, one can be said to be wearing Cheer Goggles when one is Continue reading

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Seriously, the national media hates Philly – The Pundit takes The Sports Guy to task

Sigh. I swear, the national media just loves trashing Philly teams and fans. Loves it. Partly, I’m sure, because we respond so passionately to it. We’re like that friend you have who, anytime you burn him, gets all worked up about it, and you find yourself saying, “Yo, I’m just messing with you, man.” Like, ten times.

But Bill Simmons has been killing me lately.

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Still riding the high – The Pundit gives his final thoughts from Sunday, and looks ahead to the Cardinals…

You know, I really hate Mondays. Hate ’em. I never get enough sleep because my body has adjusted to my weekend schedule – you know, go to bed in the morning, and wake around noon. So right off the bat, I’m walking into work groggy. Today was no exception, of course – I couldn’t fall asleep at a reasonable hour, mustered only four hours of sleep, and had to skip my normal breakfast and coffee to get to work on time. Any other Monday, I’d be starting the week off miserable.

But damn it all if I didn’t feel like a million friggin’ bucks today. I mean, I was feeling absolutely wonderful.

And you know why? Oh, right: E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!!! Sometimes, I wonder about my love of sports, and how temperamental it makes my behavior. Had the Eagles lost yesterday, today would have been crappy based on its Mondayness, compounded ten-fold by an Eagles loss. (Editor’s note: Sad, but true).

But today was just a beautiful day. Lovely, really. Some more thoughts about yesterday: Continue reading


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Why can’t us? E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES WIN, BABY!!! The Pundit has some quick hits from the game

Ohhhhhhhhh, baby. The Eagles knocked off the Giants, 23-11, and are headed to the NFC Championship game to take on the Cardinals.

Holy friggin’ crap, man.

I’m still having a hard time believing we made the playoffs, and now we’re one win away from the Super Bowl. The SUPER BOWL! Damn I’m hyped.

Some quick hits here, because I’m super friggin’ juiced right now and can’t give a complete recap: Continue reading


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Why the Eagles are going to win – The Pundit previews Eagles vs. Giants

Alright, before we get into the keys for this upcoming game, let’s overview the key factors in their previous two meetings:

– In each game, the team that finished with more rushing yards, more time of possession, and a higher third-down conversion rate won.

– Plaxico Burress played in the first game, and Jim Johnson noted that much of the Eagles gameplan was designed to keep Plax in check. It worked – he only had one catch for 17 yards. Problem was, the Giants ran roughshed on the Eagles D, finishing with 219 yards on the ground. He didn’t play the second game, and the Giants ran for 88 yards. Hmmm…

Honestly, I've completely run out of Plax jokes. Which is a damn shame, I know.

Honestly, I've completely run out of Plax jokes. Which is a damn shame, I know.

– Brandon Jacobs did not play the entirety of the second game, leaving in the third quarter after rushing the ball 10 times for 52 yards. The Eagles were leading the game at that point, 10-7, though the Giants only touchdown came on a blocked field goal right before the half.

– In the two games, Donovan McNabb finished 36-66 for 385 yards, four touchdowns, and one interception. Oh, and he wasn’t sacked once – in either game.

– In the first game, Brandon Jacobs rushed 22 times for 126 yards and two touchdowns, and Derrick Ward and Ahmed Bradshaw combined to rush for another 91.

– In the first game, Brian Westbrook rushed the ball 13 times for 26 yards, and caught three passes for 33 yards. He did not score. (Editor’s note: I’ve been saying the same thing about the Pundit for years now). In the second game, Westbrook ran the ball 33 times for 131 yards and one touchdown, and caught six passes for another 72 yards and his second touchdown, the now infamous scorching of Antonio Pierce.

Why the Eagles are going to win this game: Continue reading

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Sometimes, a team just has to hit rock-bottom: The Pundit evaluates the win over the Giants, and why it happened

At some point in your life, you’ve probably known a rock-bottom person. Maybe a friend, or family member, coworker, acquaintance, etc. (Editor’s note: For me, it’s The Pundit. He’s a carousal of emotion). Essentially, a rock-bottom person is someone who absolutely won’t change their life, however bad it may be getting, until it gets to the indisputable breaking point. Someone who doesn’t learn their lessons in life until those lessons add up and push them to a place of darkness and despair.

The 2008 Philadelphia Eagles are starting to resemble a rock-bottom team.

It seemed that the tie against the Bengals would be the absolute low for this team. And in terms of a team performance, it may have been. But then came the blowout loss to the Ravens, and the benching of Donovan McNabb at halftime during a 10-7 game. To me, that was the rock-bottom for both the face of this franchise, Donovan McNabb, and its head coach, Andy Reid. The season seemed lost.

But that’s the funny thing about the rock-bottom person – if they are able to pull themselves back from the depths of their fall, they often become people who do well for themselves in life. See, many rock-bottom people possess a lot of potential and energy, but never learn how to harness their abilities. Thus, once they start focusing this energy in a positive direction, the results are often staggering and inspiring.

For the 2008 Philadelphia Eagles, a revitalized focus on the running game has seemed to pull them from their own place of darkness.

It was evident last week against the Cardinals, and it was apparent once more this week against the Giants. It should be noted, of course, that the defense played a wonderful game, stuffing the Giants’ potent ground attack and seemingly keeping Eli Manning off-balance all game. McNabb avoided making big mistakes, taking the plays that the Giants defense gave him. L.J. Smith rose from the ashes and gave a brilliant performance, eating up yards after the catch and remaining Donovan’s favorite target throughout the day.

But this was a day that belonged to the Eagles offensive line, and the man among boys, Brian Westbrook. B-West finished the day with 131 yards and one touchdown on 33 carries, and 72 yards and another TD on 6 receptions. Think the extra days of rest helped Westbrook a bit? He was the best player on the field, and patiently, in his ever-shifty way, broke the Giants defense in the second half.

But he couldn’t have done it alone – the Eagles offensive line played their best game of the year. They won the time of possession battle, 34:54 to 25:06, which was absolutely huge. A gigantic reason for that success was that they ran the ball effectively, and often. But they also kept themselves on the field, converting 12 of their 18 third-down attempts. And while much of the credit has to go to Donovan McNabb’s execution in the passing game, the Eagle’s offensive line gave him the time he needed to run the offense; he was sacked only once the entire game.

Surely, it wasn’t a perfect performance. The Birds were penalized nine times to the tune of 73 yards. They had two field goals blocked. The road to recovery is a long one – it isn’t whether you have setbacks that matter. That is to be expected.

It’s whether you overcome them. (Editor’s note: And now I feel like I’m reading a script for an episode of Intervention or something).

So the question remains – who are these Eagles? Is this the team we can expect for the rest of the year? Or was this game the combination of a stellar, well-balanced performance by the Eagles, and a flat one by the Giants, each unlikely to be repeated by their respective teams?

Quite frankly, I don’t give a damn right now – I’m just really glad that next week’s game actually matters. And being a Monday night game, Westbrook will have an extra day to rest his surely weary bones. The extra rest this week certainly helped the Birds. That being said, its hard to argue against the notion that the philosophy-shift in Andy Reid’s offensive gameplan the past two weeks has been the major reason for their success. And really, after the debacles against the Bengals and Ravens, what choice did Andy have?

See, sometimes, for a team to maximize their potential, they need to hit rock bottom. They need the motivation that comes from desperation, from having the season hanging in the balance every time they step on the field. Here’s hoping the Eagles keep fighting back toward the light.

And more importantly, the playoffs.


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