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Diary of a Sports Lunatic

Stardate 042609. Feeling quite pleased with the Phillies three-game sweep of the Marlins. Truly filleted their bullpen. Opportunistic bats storm to the forefront. Jamie Moyer doesn’t drink cocktails, he sips from the fountain of youth. Cameron Maybin looks like a lost puppy at the plate. Raul Ibanez is the only man on the planet who has my full-fledged support to sport the soul patch. Need – desperately – to get tickets for next weekend’s series against the Mets.

And so our journey begins. Surely, there was no way to get tickets directly through the Phillies. Other mediums had to be explored, and thus, my roommate Lucy and I were forced into the most despicable of predicaments – dealing with online scalpers.

What a depraved, dishonest and dispassionate man the online scalper is. Hording away tickets that otherwise well-intentioned fans might purchase in order to make himself a buck. It’s bad enough that the Phillies have begun to attract teeny-boppers and frat boys who experiment with steroids, all attending in the name of “making the scene”; now, an honest fan can’t even buy a damn ticket at face value. Where were you during the Gregg Jeffries’ years, you bandwagon barbarians? Playing twister with all of the pink-jersey’d Eagles groupies, I’d imagine.


Though I will suffer them so long as they yell loudly when the real fans yell, and don’t make a complete mockery of the True Philadelphia Fan by stooping to the level of mindless marauder, feeding into the Exploitative National Media’s stock definition of our people.

That I cannot tolerate.

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Specccccccctacular – Sheldon Brown wants out

As seen on ESPN (and directed to check there by the comments section at IgglesBlog), Sheldon Brown wanted to renegotiate his contract. The Eagles said no. Now,  Sheldon wants a trade.


You know, I was still enjoying the buzz from yesterday. I was feeling good about Jason Peters coming to town, and the prospect of the Eagles drafting a guy like Knowshon Moreno. And now this has to go and happen. Friggin’ awesome. Continue reading


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Boldin to be shopped; the Pundit uncovers the mentor of Joe Banner; have the Eagles built themselves a doghouse?

First things first – PFT has the news that surely sounds sweet to all of you Birds’ fans out there.

A league source tells us that the Arizona Cardinals are shopping receiver Anquan Boldin to potential trade partners.

Shoot, I’m getting excited again. Of course, somehow – despite the fact that we probably have the resources (two first-round picks, 12 in all), the money to sign him to an extension, and the need for a solid possession receiver who can make big plays after the catch and contribute in the red zone – this won’t happen.

Hey, maybe they never move him. Or maybe he gets traded to the Giants, who knows? But damnit, I’m getting my hopes up once more – will I ever learn?

UPDATE: The Cardinals deny the rumors – wow, what a shocker. TO wasn’t going anywhere either, right?

And now, to reveal the mentor of Joe Banner… Continue reading


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McNabb pays homage to Dawk and Tra; the Pundit wonders if remarks should be over-analyzed

Donovan McNabb has blogged once more, saying a few final words for some vanquished teammates. From Yardbarker:

I have been a part of the Philadelphia Eagles for 10 years and I have not played a game, attended a practice, sweated in training camp, built a playground or participated in a Carnival, and more importantly dreamed of a championship parade, without Brian Dawkins and Tra Thomas being a part of it. We all had a goal of bringing a championship to this city and while we didn’t achieve that goal, we have had a lot of successes during our time together.

Kind of touching, actually, and certainly pangs at the soul a bit. But here I propose a question, in the glorious tradition of analyzing the hell out of every single thing that happens around the Eagles: wasn’t the timing of this, in conjunction with the Dan Leone story that got national play, terrible for the Eagles? Continue reading

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The Pattison Pundit sucks! (Crap, now the Pundit has to fire himself). Digging into the Dan Leone situation

From the Editor: We are sad to announce today that the Pattison Pundit has fired himself from his own blog. It recently came out that the Pundit had made some rather disparaging remarks about himself on his own Facebook page, as well as on the title above. Granted, he didn’t do it on company time, he immediately took the comment down, and he apologized for it profusely – but no matter. The Pundit has decided to strike down upon himself with a firm vengeance. A warning? No. A conversation about why such commentary is and was inappropriate? Not gonna happen. The Pundit is being firm with himself on this one – he’s fired.

So, if you haven’t read the Gonzo piece by now on the Eagles employee who was fired by the Eagles for a Facebook comment he made, by all means, catch yourself up. Here’s the gist:

Like a lot of Philadelphians, Leone was upset when Dawkins became a Bronco. So he did what a 32-year-old does these days: He vented on Facebook. “Dan is [expletive] devastated about Dawkins signing with Denver. . .Dam Eagles R Retarted!!”

Now, this isn’t really an appropriate thing to say. You don’t bust out the whole retarded thing – especially if you are going to spell it wrong. Not a good move on multiple levels. But did it warrant this?

Less than two days after posting the Dawkins remarks, Leone said, he was contacted by Leonard Bonacci, the team’s director of event operations. According to Leone, Bonacci said they needed to talk about Leone’s Facebook page, and Leone agreed. Leone – who deleted the comment – figured that the two would sit down and that he could apologize to Bonacci in person. But Leone said Bonacci never got back to him after that.

Two days later, Leone said, he received a call from Rachel Vitagliano, the team’s guest services manager. Leone said she fired him over the phone. The conversation lasted less than 10 minutes.

No warning. No suspension. No face-to-face meeting. Just a quick call to tell Leone he’d been terminated.

Whew. Seems a bit harsh, right? Continue reading


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Flyers release Briere’s groin; replacement groin to come from Carcillo?

ASSociated Press — In a surprising announcement earlier today, the Philadelphia Flyers have released the injured groin of Daniel Briere.

The move comes after Briere – who has played in only 12 games this season due to injury – reaggrevated the groin last evening in the Flyers 5-1 loss against Calgary. Though initially reported to be a day-to-day setback, the organization has decided to cut ties with the oft-injured groin.

“Obviously, this wasn’t an easy decision for the Flyers or for Danny Briere, but in the end, we felt that it was the best decision for all parties,” said Flyers GM Paul Holmgren. Continue reading

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TO gets cut, claims Karma held secretive meetings with Jerry Jones

Michael Smith, apparently the man in the know these days, has reported that the Cowboys are cutting TO. Ah, how the mighty have fallen. Here at The Pattison Pundit, I am reporting that, according to my sources (Editor’s note: Insert hyperactive imagination here), TO is reportedly blaming this roster cut on secretive meetings Karma has been having with Jerry Jones. Per my sources:

What it boils down to, according to TO, is that Jones, after a disappointing season, began to consult with Karma, who was recently brought into the fold in an advisory role to evaluate the team’s chemistry. TO, who has had very rough encounters with Karma in the past, is assuming that the appointment of Karma is responsible for his removal from the Cowboys.

Interesting stuff. Ah, but it gets better. Continue reading

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Has the loss of another player ever been this heartbreaking?

Seriously, has there ever been a player that has caused more unrest in Philly than the loss of Dawkins has?

Now, I have to concede this one to the older folks a bit, seeing as my own experiences with sports don’t stretch far beyond the 90’s. Continue reading

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There will be plenty of blame game to go around; for now, a few words in honor of Brian Dawkins

There are many majestic moments in sports. The larger-then-life, lost-in-the-lights home run from the bat of a slugging hero. The slow-motion shot that seems to brush the ceiling before descending through a barely disturbed net as time expires.

But who would ever describe one man, crashing violently into another, as a truly majestic experience to behold?

And yet, when Brian Dawkins soared through the air, arms outstretched, prey in sight – well, it was just about as majestic as it got. Seemingly suspended in air before crushing his unlucky opponent, he almost resembled an eagle.

And he’ll always be an Eagle.


Yes, it’s true – Brian Dawkins left us, to play for another team, the Broncos, and to inspire another city, Denver. Continue reading


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I’m getting a little ferklempt: Eagles lose options, Sixers stay put. Talk amongst yourselves.

Rhode Island – neither a road, nor an island. Discuss.

Yesterday, the NFL took a personnel day. And if you’re an Eagles fan, it was a disappointing one. The Panthers made their move, and it wasn’t pretty for our Birds – by resigning Gross, and franchising Peppers, they took away two very interesting options.

Ah, what might have been...

Ah, what might have been...

Alas, that was not all. Continue reading

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