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Where have all the sportswriters gone?

Can we play the Nationals every day? That would be nice. Stealing home was Werth it this week. I love it when bunts lead to two runs, including the go-ahead late. Be sure to check out a Philadelphia Union soccer game this year – I expect them to have a striker-heavy attack. Why does Roger Clemens continue the charade? W.C. Heinz, Red Smith, Granny, where have you gone?

Very interesting post over at Iggles Blog yesterday, all stemming from a Gary Cartwright piece in Texas Monthly about the decline of sportswriting in the Big state. Pretty good conversation in the comments, the gist of which I will paraphrase now.

Most people agree with the sentiment that the form has lost its creative luster…we have so many forms of media with which to get our information that the newspapers simply carry less water now…the good ol’ days of sportswriting are dead because society as a whole is faster and 3000-word profiles make Generation ADD’ers go cross-eyed…we already know so much about the event and the athletes and the behind-the-scenes that we aren’t all that taken by it anymore…blah blah blah blah blah blah.

Seems to me as though we’re not having this conversation if sportswriting hasn’t in fact gotten stale.

As a means for raw data, that isn’t the case. You want stats, you can get stats friggin’ everywhere. Ever been to titforstat.com? Probably not, because it doesn’t exist. But it should. The newspapers are chock full of analysis and meaning; problem is, the Internet has that, too. Your grandma likely has a blog analyzing her favorite sport, and your grandpa is surely breaking down YouTube film. Might be less intelligent then what the sportswriters offer, but it is out there, and it is certainly taking some of the focus off of the beat guys. You can get the man-behind-the-player info from the newspaper, but not exclusively. Sportscenter is slowly turning into Access Hollywood, PFT.com dabbles in National Enquirer fare on occasion, and athletes NitTwitter about their feelings during games.

It’s information blitzkrieg, and there is a laser dot between your eyes. Take cover. Continue reading

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What does Donovan think about Donovan? The Pundit wonders if he’s satisfied…

So, meandering about the Internet last night, I stumbled upon a BS Report with an author I dig, Chuck Klosterman. By the way, if you don’t know Klosterman, check him out some time – pretty good stuff.

Anyway, during the course of his lengthy and wandering convo with Simmons, the topic of Chris Webber – namely, his own personal evaluation of his career – came up. In essence, the two were discussing whether or not Webber would view his own career as a success, despite the fact that many fans would chide his legacy based on the enormous amount of potential he never seemed to quite live up to.

Best be calling a timeout on that drama...

Best be calling a timeout on that drama...

Which led Klosterman to bring up Donovan McNabb. Continue reading

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Seriously, the national media hates Philly – The Pundit takes The Sports Guy to task

Sigh. I swear, the national media just loves trashing Philly teams and fans. Loves it. Partly, I’m sure, because we respond so passionately to it. We’re like that friend you have who, anytime you burn him, gets all worked up about it, and you find yourself saying, “Yo, I’m just messing with you, man.” Like, ten times.

But Bill Simmons has been killing me lately.

Continue reading


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The Sideline Report

Here at The Pattison Pundit, The Pundit has always been intrigued by the always insightful and wildly entertaining sideline reports during sporting events. These little dalliances to the side of the action, though often lacking relevance, offer a break from the normal pattern of a sporting broadcast. They are sublime in their brevity, deft in their specificity, and unintentionally pompous in an unassuming manner. (Editor’s note: Um, how about this: they’re mildly annoying in their unnecessary and barely informative nature? When did The Pundit become James Lipton?)

Keeping this in mind, the Pundit has decided to introduce a new segment: The Sideline Report, brought to you by our very own Sideline Reporter. He will scour the web, searching for subsidiary information you absolutely, most likely do not need to know. Hooray. Without further ado, put your hands together for The Sideline Reporter!

Thanks Pun. I look forward to working with you this year, I’m ready for a great season of blogging. Let’s start with a couple of teams that aren’t currently in the action, the Sixers and the Flyers. As many of you may well know, Hip-Hop, the Sixers mascot, suffered a knee injury back in August. The Sixers remain mum about the full extent of the injury, however, causing many people to wonder what the Sixers mascot status will be when their season opens. (Editor’s note: Who is worrying about this, exactly?) I have reached out to several sources (Editor’s note: Their website), and all remain in doubt as to the health of Hip-Hop. Stay posted.

The Flyers are reaching out to all of you mothers out there. They are sponsoring a Hockey Mom promotion, where mothers can send in posters they have created supporting the Flyers. Anyone participating will receive a special tube of Flyers lipstick! (Editor’s note: Shaded in black and blue, it will make your lips appear fat and swollen!) The finalists will get tickets to the Flyers opener, and the winner will get a makeover on Fox’s Good Day Philadelphia. (Editor’s note: It will be an official Flyers makeover, where the winner will be pounded on her ankles by hockey sticks, be pummeled until she has bruises on her face and is missing several teeth, and will be given a fake playoff beard). Go ahead ladies: give it your best shot.

Don’t worry, Philadelphia fans: the National Media hasn’t forgotten about you. Bill Simmons, responding to a question in his mailbag about whether or not he would absorb Tom Brady’s injury (he wouldn’t), threw out this Philly tidbit:

But let’s say you’re my friend Mike Tollin, a die-hard Philly fan who’s a little older than me and has older kids. If the Mets and Phillies were tied with a week to go and Ryan Howard’s wrist was broken by a pitch, would Mike do the switcheroo and take the broken wrist? Well, I called him and here was his first response:

“The left one or the right one?”

We talked it out for a few minutes and Mike ultimately decided he would sacrifice the left wrist in any scenario, but he’d sacrifice the right wrist only if he was guaranteed a World Series trip because, “That’s my writing hand, my BlackBerry hand and my shaving hand … and I wouldn’t be able to play basketball for six weeks … although I guess I could run …” For all I know, he’s still debating it. I’m going out on a limb and saying Philly needs to win a title soon. For everyone’s sake.

Billy, you won’t find an argument from this Sideline Reporter. Hell, I would have given my left nut to John Kruk (Editor’s note: Awwwwww, not cool).

The Eagles have 15 new cheerleaders on the squad, causing concerns as to the experience of this unit this year. Can they live up to the rigors of a full NFL season? Should the Eagles have tried to acquire cheerleaders from a different team? Aren’t they lovely? We’ll have to monitor this unit carefully throughout the course of the season to see if they can live up to expectations. (Editor’s note: I will personally commit myself to monitoring this unit; I’ll keep a discerning eye on their every move).

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Waking with the Pundit

The following hits brought to you by Penn State football

Your daily Eagles fix here: Scouting report for Sunday and  watching points from Eagletarian.

Well, Bill Simmons is back, and he has a few NFL predictions (after a lengthy dissertation on blackjack in the day).

Jason Whitlock on Richard Collier, black athletes, violence and truckers vs. golfers (Editor’s note: Excuse me?)

The series of the season opens tonight for the Phillies, as they take on the Mets. Can they find some of that magic from a year ago? God, I hope so.

Ladies and gentlemen, what you have in front of you is an amazing weekend for entertainment. This evening, the Mets and Phils kick off their series. Tomorrow at 1 is the Red Bull Soapbox Race in Manyunk. Plus, you’ve got Penn State vs. Oregon State and game two of the Phillies-Mets. Sunday, the Eagles open their season against the Rams, the Phils wrap up their series, and Entourage returns (Editor’s note: Hopefully, this season will be better than last). Check back in this weekend for coverage from the Soapbox Race, The Week in Review, and whatever small asides I may put out there. God, I am pumped for this weekend.

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