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The March Madness Beer Bracket reaches its finale – The Championship Match-Up

Boy, what was dubbed to be one hell of an exciting weekend turned into disappointment. ‘Nova just never seemed to find their rhythm and struggled from beyond the arc, and Derek Lowe pitched a gem against the Phils, spoiling the season opener.

Ah, well.

Thankfully, we’ve reached the summit of our glorious beer tournament, the Championship Match-Up. Local juggernaut Yuengling tangles with powerhouse Delirium Tremens. The winner will wear the honored – nay, glorified – title of Philly’s favorite local beer. Or, it will wear the title of being the favorite beer of the nine people who continuously voted in this tournament.


But enough of my chit-chat – let’s vote!

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The March Madness Beer Bracket has reached it’s epic Final Four

The moment you’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived. Well, all 11 of you. That’s right – the Beer Bracket Final Four! It’s going to be sensational, baby! The champion from the Finnigan’s Wake Regional, one-seeded Yuengling, will butt caps with the champion of the Fox and Hound Regional, two seed Hoegaarden. And in the second match-up, the champion from the Bishop’s Collar Regional, one-seeded Dog Fish Head 120 Minute IPA, will try to drop the champ from the Eulogy Belgian Tavern Regional, three seed Delirium Tremens.

I would also like to point out that somehow, someway, the Beer Bracket ended up working out, seeding-wise, exactly the same as the NCAA Tournament. Two one-seeds, a two and a three. There must be some sort of connection there, one I’m sure I’ll discover as I refresh my memory by enjoying each of the above beers tonight. But enough of my gibberish – let’s vote!

(Voting for the Final Four will last until Sunday, probably early afternoon when I roll out of bed, and the voting for the Championship will continue right up until Monday’s Championship game).

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The March Madness Beer Bracket – Elite 8

Well, we’ve come to each regional final. Some definite surprises, including the 14th seed Paulaner making the Elite 8, and La Fin du monde knocking off Chimay. It’s madness, baby! Continue reading

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March Madness Beer Bracket – The Sweet 16

This will run for the next two days, and then over the weekend, we’ll get into the Elite Eight. Enjoy.

The Finnigan’s Wake Regional

The Fox and Hound Regional

The Bishop’s Collar Regional

The Eulogy Belgian Tavern Regional

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The March Madness Beer Bracket – Round two results

Here is your Sweet 16.

In The Finnigan’s Wake Regional:

1. Yuengling vs. 5. Corona

2. George Killian’s Irish Red vs. 3. Labatt Blue

In The Fox and Hound Regional:

1. Guinness vs. 4. Magic Hat #9

2. Hoegaarden vs. 3. Stella Artois

In The Bishop’s Collar Regional:

1. Dog Fish Head 120 Minute IPA vs. 5. Allagash White

10. Rogue Dead Guy Ale vs. 14. Paulaner Hefe-Weizen

And finally, in The Eulogy Belgian Tavern Regional:

1. Chimay Grande Reserve vs. 5. Unibroue La Fin du monde

3. Delirium Tremens vs. 7. Ommegang Three Philosophers

Voting for the Sweet 16 match-ups will take place on Thursday and Friday, and the Elite 8 will be decided next weekend.

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The March Madness Beer Bracket, Round Two – Help decide Philly’s favorite beer

Alright, let’s start with yesterday’s winners.

From The Bishop’s Collar regional: 1. Dog Fish Head 120 Minute IPA, 4. Bells Two Hearted Ale, 5. Allagash White, 6. Youngs Double Chocolate Stoudt, 8. Victory Golden Monkey, 10. Rogue Dead Guy Ale, 14. Paulaner Hefe-Weizen, 15. Samuel Smith Nut Brown Ale

From the Eulogy Belgian Tavern regional: 1. Chimay Grande Reserve, 3. Delirium Tremens, 5. Unibroue La Fin du monde, 7. Ommegang Three Philosophers, 9. Troegs Mad Elf, 11. Duvel, 13. Piraat Triple Amber IPA, 15. Brooklyn Local One

And in other news, I got killed on Friday – I had West Virginia making the Elite Eight, and Wake Forest going all the way to the Final Four. Plus, the ol’ alma mater, Temple, fell to Arizona State. Though I kind of expected that…

Ah, well.

And a quick, fun story. So Thursday, I’m doing the liveblog while watching the games. After about four or five hours of liveblogging, you get kind of sick of it. So, I decided to just enjoy the last round of games, blogging be damned. And I was set up – I had one game on the tube, and two more on laptops, one mine, and one my roommates. I’ve got a beer in my hand and some Cheez-Its close by.

Basketball Heaven.

So anyway, I’m all set up, watching the tube from my bed. Now, my bed is perpendicular to the TV, so when I’m watching, half of me is normally on the bed, and if I don’t curl my legs up, the other half of me is on the floor. And don’t you know, about halfway through the second half of the late games, I pass out. And at three in the morning, I wake up, contorted in a position that can’t be good for the spine – head on some pillows, back on bed, legs dangling willy-nilly to the floor. Thankfully, I had finished my beer before catching any Z’s. There were, however, a couple of Cheez-Its hanging out on my shirt.


So, I do what anybody else would do – I analyze the situation, eat the Cheez-Its from my shirt…and pass right the hell back out.


I guess I was just really tired, I don’t know. I’ve been pretty busy lately, so sleep has come at a bit of a premium. But man, did I wake up sore as hell, finally moving around at about seven in the morning, fully clothed, lights on, television spewing infomercials, a box of Cheez-Its and two laptops moonlighting as bedside companions. It was a rather pitiful scene.

Right – moving along.

I’ll keep the voting open for the entire weekend, and tally the results Sunday evening around 10 or so. The entire second round is represented below. Now get voting! Continue reading


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The March Madness Beer Bracket Extravaganza, Round One. 64 beers enter – who will you vote in as Champion?

Alright, on the first day of Beer Tournament play, we’ll be doing the Finnigan’s Wake Regional and the Fox and Hound Regional. Tomorrow we’ll continue Round One with The Bishop’s Collar Regional and the Eulogy Belgian Tavern Regional.

A quick note on the seeding: the order of the seeds comes mostly from my own preference, with the help of a few beer-educated friends of mine. While I consider myself a beer advocate, I am by no means a connoisseur or expert. Thus, you will likely disagree with some of my rankings; I tried to take into account craftsmanship, taste, popularity, and the environment in which you are likely to partake in the beverage. All of that aside, if I preferred a beer to another in any given regional, that beer was ranked higher. Ain’t no democracy at The Pundit.

With that in mind, let’s get to the voting! Continue reading


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The Pundit List presents: Things to be thankful for

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Pundit List, so it seemed like time. I decided to list the things I was thankful for both in the spirit of the holiday and because I’ve been so negative about the Eagles lately. My thanks will be primarily directed toward the sporting world, but I will undoubtably stray from time to time.  Obvious things, such as my family, friends, shelter, food, etc. will be left off of the list because they aren’t as much fun to write about. But they would be at the top. Probably. Anyway, on to the list.

8. The Flyers and Sixers – Eventually, I’ll actually start watching their games. I’m thankful I have something to look forward to once football is done for the year.

7. Emmananuelle Chriqui – You probably know her better as Sloan from Entourage. She might be the sexiest woman on this planet, at least in this humble Pundit’s opinion. If you aren’t familiar with the show, take a look– you won’t want to look away.

6. Beer – I don’t really need to go into depth here, do I? Though I will say, I am extremely thankful for my two favorite watering holes, The Pope (Pub on Passyunk East) and the South Philly Tap Room.

5. The BCS – The system blows, and I would like a playoff, but at least it gives me something to constantly bitch about on the site. The BCS, if for nothing else, is great for material. Think about how much has been written aruging that one team should be ranked higher than another, or about how there should be a playoff, and how it would be formatted. It’s a story-generator, and for that, and that alone, I offer my thanks.

4. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Entourage, Generation Kill, John Adams, Weeds – After The Wire ended last year, I needed something to fill the gigantic void that was left in my soul from its wake. (Editor’s note: Oh brother). Any show and/or mini-series listed above either helped, or is currently helping, to fill that void. Rest in peace, The Wire – you were the greatest show ever crafted for television. Hell, I’m thankful I ever tuned in.

3. The Eagles – They are driving me absolutely crazy this year – how could I possibly be thankful for them? Well, much like the BCS, they constantly give me something to talk about. I mean, they tied the Bengals. Andy Reid benched Donovan McNabb, and is starting him this week. They blew chances to win close games against the Bears, Redskins, Cowboys and Giants. Honestly, a few clutch plays, and this team could potentially be undeafeted right now. And honestly, that is what makes them so damn frustrating – wasted potential. But success wouldn’t stir conversation, now would it? The Eagles are like the girl in the neighborhood who sleeps around – everyone knows her business, has their own idea of how she should be living, and are constantly gossiping about her. (Editor’s note: So wait…are the Eagles like the town’s bike?) I suppose I’m just thankful for football in general, but as a writer, the Eagles specifically are wonderful for controversy. (Editor’s note: Kind of sad, really).

2. Change – More than everything except for one thing on this list, I am thankful for the possibility, and the hope, of change. It was what made the number one item on this list so very special. I am thankful that “Yes We Can” became “Yes We Did.” I am thankful for the possibility that the Eagles will move in a new direction after this season. I am thankful for the possibility that maybe, just maybe, college football will someday have a playoff. I am thankful that the Sixers brought in Elton Brand, the legitamate big man they haven’t had since Charles Barkley. (Editor’s note: What, no love for Dikembe “Cookie Monster” Mutombo?) I am thankful that, after 25 years of failure, we finally had ourselves a winner. Which brings me to number one:

1. The 2008, World Phucking Champion, Philadelphia Phillies – I mean, what is there to be said that hasn’t already been said? They brought us the parade we had been waiting for so long. They were a team full of players that were easy to embrace. Talented. Team-oriented. Focused. Unflappable. They were led by a manager with the waddle to the mound. The guy who had divine hunches. I offer my thanks to Charlie Manuel, Jimmy Rollins, Jayson Werth, Chase Utley, Ryan Howard, Pat Burrell, Shane Victorino, Pedro Feliz, Carlos Ruiz, Cole Hamels, Brett Myers, Jamie Moyer, Joe Blanton, Chad Durbin, Scott Eyre, J.C Romero, Ryan Madson, Brad Lidge, Matt Stairs, Greg Dobbs, Geoff Jenkins, Chris Coste, Eric Bruntlett, and So Taguchi. On second thought, not So Taguchi. Sorry, pal. I give my thanks to the 2008 Philadelphia Phillies – it was one hell of a ride, and I sure hope to take it with you guys again.

I hope everybody a damn good Thanksgiving. Stuff your faces, take a nap while watching a football game, and enjoy seeing your family. But don’t use it as an excuse to be thankful for the things in your life – we should all be doing that everyday. (Editor’s note: I’m thankful for self-righteous advice!). Oh, and Rant: I’m thankful for you too, man. Rant has been the man. Many thanks go out to him. Now…bring on the feasting!

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