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Missing Links

So, due to some extraneous circumstances this morning, I was unable to do the links (Editor’s note: The bastard overslept). Thus, you will be getting a special evening addition of the links (Editor’s note: We appreciate it, Dan Rather).

This Sixers inked Andre Iguodala. In the opinion of one humble Pundit, they grossly overpaid for a guy with limited handle and a mediocre jump shot, but I’m thinking somebody else was willing to compensate him, so the Sixers had to pony up. I’ll look for more on this as others start responding to the story.

Brodrick Bunkley gets jacked – the only thing they didn’t take was the tank in the back yard.

JIm Caple decides which sports hardware he’d most like to hoist. I agree with the ranking of the Heisman Trophy – I mean, athletes pose in its likeness during a celebration. I would go for the Stanley Cup second, if only to drink beer out of it.

An elbow dooms the US Men’s Soccer team against Nigeria.

Mark Spitz just wants to be there for Michael Phelps (cough).

Olympics and Phillies thoughts late night, Links tomorrow morning, and then I’ll be scoping the Eagles preseason game and throwing some thoughts out for that. Until then, The Pundit bids you Adieu.

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