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A powerful weekend in Philly sports

As a day well-spent brings happy sleep, so life well used brings happy death. – Leonardo da Vinci

First things first: my utmost commendations to the Phillies organization for a wonderful, touching, and heart-wrenching service for Harry Kalas on Saturday afternoon. Unless you are an alien from a planet renowned for its lack of emotion, you probably watched most of the procession through misty eyes. Lord knows this Pundit did.

I think the moment that will always stand out for me from the day, a moment that was just so beautiful and emotional, was watching Harry’s friends, family and members of the Phillies pass his casket down the line, as “Bridge Over Troubled Waters” played over the PA system. A proper send-off to a beloved man.

We’ll always love you, Harry. Do me a favor – ask Whitey if he can smell the rain coming up there in heaven, would you?

One final footnote to the procession – people around the country can say what they want about Philadelphia fans, conjuring up embellished stories of the day we murdered Santa Claus, or whatever the hell it was we did. But they can never say that this city does not love its own with a passion rarely found elsewhere. The key to that sentence, of course, is “its own.” Philly won’t call you its own just because you live here, or work here, or play here. Philly will call you its own if you bust your butt off, displaying a love for what you do and the people you do it with…if you’re good at what you do but never arrogant…if you give everything you have; and if that isn’t enough, you make no excuses, just give a little bit more next time…if you understand that we will ride you when you aren’t performing up to your capabilities, but we will embrace you wholeheartedly when you do…that our energy and excitement will propel you to victory if you put yourself in a position to win.

Harry understood that, embraced it, and embodied it. That fact, as much as his golden pipes, made him one of the most treasured figures this city has ever known.

Because, at the end of the day, this town isn’t for everybody. Let all of those who don’t understand grit, hard work, undying passion, despair in defeat, and unadulterated joy in victory live somewhere else. We will continue to live and die with every pitch, pass and shot. We will continue to heckle the slackers, praise the scrappers, and love our teams through thick and thin, even if that means the boos rain down in a stifling display of tough love.

This is Philadelphia – this is the place for those with a thick skin, a workmanlike attitude, and a heart almost too big for the chest it beats in.

This is our city. And Harry fit right in. You will not be forgotten, HK.

Now to the events on the diamond, ice and court. Continue reading


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In a strange twist, David Wright knocks in Jimmy Rollins to win game; plus, a quick Tourney note

Hey, I’m not going to act like I watched the U.S. play Puerto Rico – I was too busy yelling at the the TV while the Red Wings came back to beat the Flyers, or standing on my couch and pumping my fist after Iggy knocked down the game-winning three against the Lakers.

But this was a hell of a finish in its own right, and featured a few of our Phillies in prominent roles. Video after the jump. Continue reading

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How exactly do we define clutch? And is Donovan McNabb a Choke Artist, or Philly’s Favorite Whipping Boy?

“On a good day, I view the job [of president] as directing an orchestra. On the dark days, it is more like that of a clutch – engaging the engine to effect forward motion, while taking greater friction.” – Bart Giamatti

I wonder what he would say about quarterbacks…

It’s been a couple of days – let’s talk about Donovan McNabb. Hooray! Specifically, let’s get going on the topic of whether or not he is clutch.

Now, in my view, there are three times a player can be clutch: Continue reading


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Energy vs. Execution (Or, the Difference Between the Sixers and the Celtics)

What a heartbreaker. You think you’ve got a team on the ropes, especially after Andre Iguodala drops a huge bucket with only six seconds left. Clutch. You figure the Sixers will pay extra attention to Ray Allen and try to keep Paul Pierce within the three point line. Obvious. And so Allen takes the ball, and quickly dishes it to Pierce, and you’re thinking, Alright, fine, I can live with Pierce going iso, as long as he’s not shooting the three. If he makes the deuce, we’ll take our chances in OT. And then, Pierce passes the ball to the corner, where Allen, after slipping behind a double-screen, was waiting to launch a three. Crap, crap, crap…


And just like that, the Celtics stole the game – a win the Sixers desperately needed after their latest collapse against the Nets – and did so without KG.


Looking to find a picture that accurately reflected my distraught after Allen's three, I typed "really pissed off guy" into Google Images. And for some reason, this came up. I mean, how could I not put this picture up? Priceless...

Looking to find a picture that accurately reflected my distraught after Allen's three, I typed "really pissed off guy" into a Google Image search. And for some reason, this came up. I mean, how could I not put this up? Priceless...

To me, the game came down to one vital contrast between these two teams – the contrast between energy and execution. Continue reading

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Would the Sixers be wise to trade Elton Brand? The Pundit gives his take

Let’s be honest – one of the most exciting things about basketball is trade rumors, concocting trade scenarios, etc. Now, I’m not going to go all Bill Simmons on you and play Monday Morning GM, but I couldn’t help but raise the old brow when I heard Jody Mac say that he read Chad Ford mention, during a live chat, that the Sixers could deal Brand.

Chad Ford: Yes … from what my sources around the league are saying, Brand is available. The question is, given how poorly he’s played this year and his huge contract, does anyone want him?

Chad Ford: I’ve wondered about a Rasheed Wallace for Brand swap but doubt Joe D wants to invest that much money right now on Brand

Whoa. Continue reading


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The Pundit hands out some hardware for Philly’s best this year – It’s the first annual Punny Awards!

(Editor’s note: Ah, New Year’s. A time of year for all of the various articles handing out “best-of-the-year” awards to come pouring out. Not to be outdone, The Pundit has joined in the holiday tradition with his first annual “Punny Awards.” One quick note: These awards will not include the current Flyers, Sixers, or any of the college basketball teams. Everything will be from teams that played the majority of their season in 2008. On to the awards!)

Award shows are really where it’s at. I mean, they’re so ridiculous. Famous audience members pretending to not posture for the camera. Cheesy video montages. And, my favorite, the poorly scripted and unenthusiastically delivered introductions to each award by disinterested celebrities who are probably half-tanked. I think that’s how we’ll run the Punnies.

And so, with that in mind, please put your hands together for Samuel L. Jackson, who will be presenting the Punny for Quote of the Year. Continue reading

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Waking up with The Pundit

Required Reading

Your daily Eagles fix here (Shawn Andrews getting back in the swing of things), here (Tony Hunt being experimented with at fullback), and here (McNabb keeping expectations for DeSean Jackson realistic).

With the craziness that has been the Olympics, the torture that has been the Phillies, and the looming question mark that has been the Eagles, The Pundit has neglected to touch on one of his favorite sports – college football. Be sure to check out Fox’s top 25 questions for 2008. (Be sure to check out 17 for a bit of love for Penn State, 10 for a Big Ten call-out, and number one, where their prediction for Ohio State is frustrating).

Andre Iguodala also wants to go to the moon, scale Mount Everest and bring us all world peace…his expectations for the future and Sixers notes here.

Okay, so this whole J-Roll frontrunning thing has totally taken on a life of its own. Deadspin, we need details! (Editor’s note: If this actually goes down, it will be one of the greatest feats of widespread sarcasm ever accomplished).

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Missing Links

So, due to some extraneous circumstances this morning, I was unable to do the links (Editor’s note: The bastard overslept). Thus, you will be getting a special evening addition of the links (Editor’s note: We appreciate it, Dan Rather).

This Sixers inked Andre Iguodala. In the opinion of one humble Pundit, they grossly overpaid for a guy with limited handle and a mediocre jump shot, but I’m thinking somebody else was willing to compensate him, so the Sixers had to pony up. I’ll look for more on this as others start responding to the story.

Brodrick Bunkley gets jacked – the only thing they didn’t take was the tank in the back yard.

JIm Caple decides which sports hardware he’d most like to hoist. I agree with the ranking of the Heisman Trophy – I mean, athletes pose in its likeness during a celebration. I would go for the Stanley Cup second, if only to drink beer out of it.

An elbow dooms the US Men’s Soccer team against Nigeria.

Mark Spitz just wants to be there for Michael Phelps (cough).

Olympics and Phillies thoughts late night, Links tomorrow morning, and then I’ll be scoping the Eagles preseason game and throwing some thoughts out for that. Until then, The Pundit bids you Adieu.

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