Philly Fans

When people talk about New York, they talk about the Yankees. When people talk about Boston, they talk about the Sawx and the Celts. In Chicago, its the Lovable Losers and Da Bears. Hell, they call Detroit Hockeytown. When LA comes up, well, they talk about Kobe and/or the Lakers. When people talk about Bismarck, North Dakota…well, nobody talks about Bismarck. Except maybe for the folks in the small town of Wilton, who can’t stand those city-slickers.

But I digress. What’s the point?

Ah, I thought I’d never ask. When people talk about Philadelphia, the first thing they normally bring up is our Santa-pelting, draft-day-McHeckling, battery-hurling, injured-Irving-cheering, Kobe-All-Star-Game-booing fans. Fans who endured 25 years without a Championship before the 2008 Phillies broke the drought! Fans who, yes, are hard on their team, but who are also passionate, knowledgable and fiercly loyal to them. Thick and thin, we’re still watching. We’re as much a part of the story as the teams we love, for better and, as its always portrayed in the media, for worse.

Well, The Pundit thinks that the bad rap the locals always gets is pure mularky. Whatever mularky is. It sucks that a few bad incidents (alright, more than that) have tainted our name, but in this city, we all know that there’s more to the story. And so, the Pattison Pundit is dedicated to bringing the passion, frustration, dedication and personality of our faithfuls to the Web.  Philly’s got the best fans in the world, and anybody who watched the 2008 playoffs and World Series should know that. You know, when the Phillies went 7-0 at home during the playoffs. Booyah!

Suck on that, New York.

2 responses to “Philly Fans

  1. Luke

    New York’s mouth is already full with 26 rings. got the ice grill

  2. pattisonpundit

    You silly New Yorkers. Always putting everything in your mouth.

    (BTW, grills are probably the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. I mean, is there a tackier way to spend your money? “Hmm, let’s see – I’ve got a nice disposable income here, I should buy myself something nice. You know what I’ve always wanted – gold teeth. People really respect that. Nothing says class like a grill, that’s for sure. Maybe I’ll get my tongue covered in platinum while I’m at it. Yeah, that will look super cool. Who cares if bacteria gets trapped in the grill and will likely cause me dental damage – I’ll just buy some silver gums then. I’m so cool, because I have a grill. Hooray for me.”)

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