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Waking with the Pundit

Wake up, Philadelphia. It’s Monday, and a new week is upon us. Let’s get the links rolling.

Paul Domowitch says the Eagles made the grade, and Rich Hoffman breaks down a stout defensive effort and the stellar first game performance of one Mr. DeSean Jackson (Editor’s note: This man needs a nickname). The highlight of the piece, though, has to be this quote from Jackson:

“Sometimes you can hear the fans getting loud and getting crunk and things like that,” he said. (Editor’s note: Oh, it was crunking yesterday, baby – straight crunking).

Randy Miller on how the Phillies couldn’t quite sweep the Mets, but stayed within two after splitting their doubleheader yesterday. The athlete quotes are solid this morning – here’s an amusing quip from Grandpa Moyer, on winning his 243rd career win, tying him for 50th all-time with Juan Marichal:

“When I’m sitting in my rocking chair in about five or 10 years, maybe I’ll look back on this kind of stuff,” Moyer said.

This news may be good for the other teams in the NFL, but it is devastating to the Patriots: Tom Brady is likely done for the season with a knee injury. Really, this isn’t good for the NFL in general – Brady may be the game’s best player, and he is certainly one of the league’s poster boys. I think this quote over at Sports Illustrated, um, illustrates it best:

In the process, Brady has become one of the league’s biggest stars and a crossover cover boy who has met the Pope and the U.S. president, dated actresses and supermodels and set NFL records. (Editor’s note: Women want him, and men want to be him, blah blah blah).

I don’t want to laugh at the suffering of Patriots fans (Editor’s note: Um, yeah you do), but some of the blog posts Deadspin has compiled are pretty hilarious.

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Waking with The Pundit

Quick hits this morning.

The Phillies lose to the Nationals. Oh Kyle Kendrick, why do you do it to me?

Your daily Eagles fix – Lito is back in the news. Oh, goody.

The Sixers continue to add to their roster. Everybody give a nice, warm Philly welcome to Donyell Marshall.

It sure has been a rough stretch for Roger Clemens – can’t help but feel a little bit sorry for the guy, especially after this.

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Waking with the Pundit

Required Reading

The Pundit thought the dramatic comeback win over the Mets on Tuesday was going to be the game that kicked the Phillies into high gear. Instead, it has apparently been the game that fried the Phillies bullpen. Two straight games with big 8th innings for the other squad, including last night’s grand slam. (Editor’s note: And another gem by Cole Hamels wasted). It’s okay though, everybody…seriously. Check out Beerleaguer for the latest Phillies news – we got Matt Stairs! (Editor’s note: I think I’ll celebrate by watching QVC. Or maybe I’ll just stare into space for a while).  Oh, Phillies…why must you make us suffer?

Eagles fix: Kolb looked good, Demps is looking like a serious upgrade on kick returns, and Eagletarian trims the roster to 53 so Andy Reid can get some rest.

Alright, I’m already running late, so a brief links this morning. Tonight is part two of the NFL preview with the NFC South. As always, Sunday I’ll wrap up the week and I’ve got a fun article planned for Labor day, so stay tuned.

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Waking with the Pundit

Required Reading

Phillies squander the lead, the game, first place and momentum from game 1, lose to Mets.

If James Beale is accurate in his assessment, this is some seriously bad news for the Phillies bullpen.

Your daily Eagles fix focuses on one of the season’s major question marks – the linebacker trio. And how they read real good and stuff. Oh, and Eagletarian gives you watching points for tonight’s preseason game against the Jets.

The Pundit is starting to get juiced for College Football. Mark Schlabach over at ESPN gives him 25 more reasons to get hyped. And, in case you don’t read the whole thing, I’d just like you to see this:

22. Temple will finish the season with a winning record.
And you thought rebuilding Rutgers was hard. Al Golden is close to doing the unimaginable at Temple after finishing 4-8 last season. There’s a reason other coaches call him the “Golden Boy.”

T for Temple Uuuuuuu, Unnnnn-iversityyyyyy. Fight fight fight, for the cherry and the white, for the cherry and the white we’ll fight! (Editor’s note: The MAC is quaking in their less recruited boots).

Check back a bit later tonight, for Part 1 of the NFL preview.

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