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Has this been the greatest year in the history of Philly sports?

As I took my sabbatical this week, I was pondering this very matter. And wouldn’t you know, Bob Ford had a similar thought running through his head on Sunday. Though, to my credit, Bob is more broadly discussing the run of success Philly teams had between the 1973-74 and 74-75 championships for the Flyers, all the way through Villanova’s 1985 National Championship. It was a pretty solid time for Philly sports, and Bob, like myself, is hoping we are about to embark on another.

But has this past year been as good of a year as we’ve ever had? Continue reading

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I’m getting a little ferklempt: Eagles lose options, Sixers stay put. Talk amongst yourselves.

Rhode Island – neither a road, nor an island. Discuss.

Yesterday, the NFL took a personnel day. And if you’re an Eagles fan, it was a disappointing one. The Panthers made their move, and it wasn’t pretty for our Birds – by resigning Gross, and franchising Peppers, they took away two very interesting options.

Ah, what might have been...

Ah, what might have been...

Alas, that was not all. Continue reading

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The Pundit Poll – What is the best rivalry in Philly Sports?

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Waking with the Pundit

Required Reading

Phillies squander the lead, the game, first place and momentum from game 1, lose to Mets.

If James Beale is accurate in his assessment, this is some seriously bad news for the Phillies bullpen.

Your daily Eagles fix focuses on one of the season’s major question marks – the linebacker trio. And how they read real good and stuff. Oh, and Eagletarian gives you watching points for tonight’s preseason game against the Jets.

The Pundit is starting to get juiced for College Football. Mark Schlabach over at ESPN gives him 25 more reasons to get hyped. And, in case you don’t read the whole thing, I’d just like you to see this:

22. Temple will finish the season with a winning record.
And you thought rebuilding Rutgers was hard. Al Golden is close to doing the unimaginable at Temple after finishing 4-8 last season. There’s a reason other coaches call him the “Golden Boy.”

T for Temple Uuuuuuu, Unnnnn-iversityyyyyy. Fight fight fight, for the cherry and the white, for the cherry and the white we’ll fight! (Editor’s note: The MAC is quaking in their less recruited boots).

Check back a bit later tonight, for Part 1 of the NFL preview.

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