This is the end

The time has come – The Pattison Pundit is announcing his retirement from the blogging world.

There, there…take a minute to gather yourself.

The truth is, my inspiration and motivation for writing this blog has simply waned. When I started doing this, it was because of my passion for sports, but it was also a medium to try new styles, enter my voice into the Philly Sports Lexicon, and to learn what drew people’s attention or attracted various crowds.

I’ve learned a lot.

But in terms of blogging, I’ve gone as far as I care to go. That being said, I really like this whole sportswriting thing. So much, in fact, that I am going to grad school for journalism, in the hopes of one day appearing in Philadelphia’s Daily News or Inquirer. (Though in this marketplace, I’d settle for the Bismarck Tribune, at least to get started).

The Pattison Pundit will return.

So dry your tears, I say. This isn’t “goodbye,” it’s “seeya later.” Hopefully, I will be moving on to bigger and better things. Hopefully, the Phillies will trade for Roy Halladay. I’ll be working my ass off to make sure that the first one happens, and I’ll be crossing the hell out of my fingers, praying that the second one does. I really want to do that whole WFC thing all over again.

To those who supported the site, my deepest thanks. It’s been a blast.

This Pun’s in the books.


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5 responses to “This is the end

  1. Nanners

    Heeeee’s outa here!! but he’ll be back.

    Arriverderci, P P. I enjoyed the ride.

  2. Tim, perhaps the long NFL off-season has crept into your subconscience? The Eagles play in less than two months, you can hold on until then. I meen blogging about baseball month after month could drive anyone to quit.

  3. Ryan

    You’re not even going to comment on Vick?

  4. You bastard. You leave just before the Phils sign Lee and the Eagles get Vick. If there was any time that we require your services it’s now. I am not a long time reader but I implore you to come back. After reading about twenty of your posts, it seems that you are one of the few people in the Philph that won’t get crazy when wierd things happen. A rare talent. And don’t listen to the guy saying baseball goes on too long, how else will the Phils drive the entire city into insanity?

  5. Free Shipping on all my caps

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