A Werthwhile selection?

Quick post tonight (yes, I’m moved in, I’m back), so let’s play a quick game. Which of these three players most deserved to make the all-star team?

Player A – .319 AVG, 10 HR, 46 RBI, 19 SB, 46 runs, .386 OBP, .489 SLG, 2 errors, 9 assists

Player B – .268 AVG, 20 HR, 54 RBI, 12 SB, 59 runs, .373 OBP, .522 SLG, 2 errors, 6 assists

Player C – .323 AVG, 13 HR, 50 RBI, 3 SB, 39 runs, .380 OBP, .561 SLG, 7 errors (split between two positions)

Though I’m sure you can figure out who is who – should you be a diehard such as myself, of course – try to just make your judgment on the numbers. Kind of tough to decide, right? You get some apples and oranges here. For example, Player A gets on base the most and steals a lot of bases. However, his power numbers pale in comparison to Player B, who has 10 more homers and 8 more RBI’s. Then again, Player B’s AVG is far below the other two, though his OBP is right in the same ballpark as each. Player C gives you the best balance between reaching base and hitting for power, but has also scored far less runs and has 5 more errors then either Player A or B (though the position he plays might dictate that more than anything else).

At the end of the day, whoever you decide to pick between the three, in my opinon, is deserving.

If you went with Player A, you get Matt Kemp. Player B is Jayson Werth, and C is Pablo Sandoval. Personally, I think Charlie did the right thing – to the winner go the spoils. Werth’s numbers are of an all-star caliber, and the fact that he was not on the fan ballot does not make him any less deserving of consideration. Charlie is taking care of one of his guys, and I respect that.

Now all J-Dub has to do is go out and get the game-winning hit, and we can put any “controversy” this may have drummed up to rest.

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