Specccccccctacular – Sheldon Brown wants out

As seen on ESPN (and directed to check there by the comments section at IgglesBlog), Sheldon Brown wanted to renegotiate his contract. The Eagles said no. Now,  Sheldon wants a trade.


You know, I was still enjoying the buzz from yesterday. I was feeling good about Jason Peters coming to town, and the prospect of the Eagles drafting a guy like Knowshon Moreno. And now this has to go and happen. Friggin’ awesome.

What is interesting about all of this is that Joselio Hanson was resigned this offseason to a five year, $21 million dollar deal. Hanson, who probably would have been a starter elsewhere had he left the Eagles, would be a more than adequate replacement for Brown. I suspect the Eagles were concerned that Brown might want to renegotiate his contract this offseason, and hedged their bets by re-upping Hanson.

Still, I would prefer to have Brown as the starter and Hanson providing depth as the nickel. But if this thing with Brown really does come to a head and they have to trade him, I’m comfortable with Joselio taking his place.

One rather large question looms: if the Eagles are forced to trade Brown, can they package him with picks to obtain a stud wideout? The three guys floating around are Anquan Boldin, Braylon Edwards, and Chad Johnson. I don’t think the Eagles would give up a first and Sheldon Brown for Boldin, and I’m not sure how much the Cardinals would want Sheldon to begin with. So we can probably scratch that. We might be able to get Edwards for Brown, a second, and maybe a fifth, which is a deal I make in a second. Truth be told, I don’t know if Johnson can be had for a reasonable price; I would value him at Brown and a third, but I think Mike Brown would rather keep an unhappy Ochocinco then to try to acquire fair market value for him.

Pipe dreams, anyway.

The Eagles, if all of this trade business actually has legs, and if they’re actually willing to play ball with his requests, will try to trade Brown for a second or third-round pick, package that pick along with number 21 to move into a better drafting position, and take Knowshon Moreno. Or, they’ll use the picks they have and draft a guy like Vontae Davis, and then go RB and TE. Or, they’ll simply ignore Brown and keep him on the roster.

Or…or…or…or…or…during this time of year, is there a word more abused then “or?”

If they do trade him, however, it brings up one final query: if you expel longtime staples such as Tra Thomas, Jon Runyan, Brian Dawkins and Sheldon Brown, who steps up in a leadership role? I know you still have McNabb and Westbrook, but what other elder statesmen are left? Does that even matter in the NFL?

As often is the case for Eagles fans, the questions are more prevalent then the answers.


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3 responses to “Specccccccctacular – Sheldon Brown wants out

  1. James Fayleez

    They will keep Sheldon and start Hanson over him to teach him a lesson. They are always more concerned with making a point then actually doing the best possible things to win the Super Bowl.

    Both parties are at fault here. Shelly signed the deal. There’s his blame.

    But the Eagles take the other half of the blame for thinking that it’s smart business to lock these young guys up early on and NOT expect them to get pissy when they bring in new free agents who get more money because the market has changed.

    • pattisonpundit

      I think that is the key here – the market changed. This is a tough one – on one hand, the Eagles can drop a guy they lock up to a longterm deal at any time, no questions asked. That player does not have the flexibility to get out of the deal. However, that player probably got a lot of guaranteed, upfront money. So, you can’t always get your cake and eat it, too. That being said, Sheldon Brown is currently (correct me if I’m wrong) the 33rd highest paid corner in the league. Sheesh. I’ve heard a lot of arguments claiming he’s a top ten corner in this league. I haven’t gotten out the tape and ranked them all, so I’ll abstain from commenting further on that, but if that’s the case, with a changing market, I tend to side with Sheldon a bit on this one. If there wasn’t such a discrepancy between his value at the position he plays and the value of his contract, I’d side with the Eagles on this one, hands down.

      • James Fayleez

        You know how I feel about Eagles’ management, but I can’t side completely with Shelly on this one. He took the deal. All he had to do is say, “No, I’m going play out my rookie contract.”

        Then when he became a FA (last year, the year before?) he’d be in line for big money.

        The NFL system seems to favor the owners, but it DOES get the players to play hard – yes basketball and baseball I’m looking at you – so I don’t see it changing.

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