A little bit of last year must have been built right into the rings

The ring ceremony is the last remnant of a World Series – it’s the final gesture, the last bit of hardware, the epilogue in a joyous celebration dating back to late October.

Who expected the Braves bullpen to join in the celebration?

Truly, the ring celebration ushers in the new season and lays the the old one to rest. And yet, watching the Phillies miraculously come back from a 10-3 deficit with an eight-run seventh, all leading up to their 12-11 win, you couldn’t help but be transported back to their fantastic run last season.

The thing is, no matter what the deficit, no matter how bleak it looks, you can’t ever turn away. They’re just always in the damn thing. There is no quit in this group of players, and more than that, there is the confidence that they can stage the comeback when put in the position to do so.

And by the way, what is it with them staging so many of these comebacks against the Braves? That’s got to be chewing them up right now – they had a sweep practically in the bag, only to watch their bullpen allow the Phillies to circle the bases more then Tara Reid on a bender.

And life has a funny way of moving on, doesn’t it? Nice as it was to see Pat Burrell get his ring, it was – well, refreshing really – to see Raul Ibanez go 2-3 with three ribbies and a two-run jack.

And Chase Utley’s hip sure does a whole lot better, huh?

Charlie’s hunches seem to have carried over from last year as well. With Pedro Feliz up 3-0 in the count in the eighth, Charlie gave him the green light. He doubled the next pitch down the left field line.

And Brad Lidge remained perfect, largely in part to the insurance run the Phils got in the eighth inning. Yeah, he gave up a homerun, but Matt Diaz just seems to have his number. No matter – Lidge got the save, the Phils got the win, and, at least for one day, a little bit of last year’s magic stayed in town, glistening from the gold of championship rings.


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6 responses to “A little bit of last year must have been built right into the rings

  1. Dave S

    Sorry, Mr. Pattison, but why does this douche bag get a column and you don’t?


    i watch tv and I dont remember this happening. Its just too easy to pick on Philly

  2. I respect ‘Duk a bit, but I felt like his blog post about booing Eaton was just too much of a parrotted lazy meme-ish quality. It’s easy to pile on, and all it does is excuse other people to join in the meme.

    This ‘Philly booing – they are jerks’ thing has become simply reflexive and irrational in outsider circles. My father spent two hours last night complaining about the journos and fans from the outside who just don’t get it about us Philly fans and what we do and why we do it.

  3. James Fayleez

    On Eaton…

    I’m still not resolved on whether I hate him for showing up and pumping his fist like he won Game 2 of the World Series or love him because he could give a shit how the fans feel about him.

    I mean the balls on this jerk-off to show up to collect a ring for a team that left him behind going into the playoffs. Even the fake Gooch (So) said he did not want to disrespect his teammates – the Cubs farm team – by taking the focus off his current job to collect a ring from his previous job. The Gooch gets it. He knew he didn’t really do anything to deserve it, so why show up?

    GEOFF derserved to be there more than Eaton. At least he punched out a hit in an important game. And I don;t even like GEOFF.

    On last night’s game…

    It felt like a 2008 Phillies game. Bad starting pitching. Inflated scores. Giant improbable comeback. Scary Lidge save.

    I liked it.

    • pattisonpundit

      But I mean – it’s disrespectful when Adam Eaton takes “the focus off his current job to collect a ring from his previous job,” but not when Pat Burrell does the same thing? I know that Burrell played a far, far more vital role in the Phillies winning the World Series, but Eaton was still a member of this team last year. He kind of gets a ring by default.

      And by the way, I wouldn’t have begrudged So if he had showed up – and I couldn’t stand the sight of the guy last year. He was AWFUL.

      • James Fayleez

        I was thinking about the Burrell thing. After all the time he logged here and to finally win a ring, I can see him going to Tampa Bay’s management and saying, “Look, I’m ready to move on from the Phillies and become a Tampa Bay Ray, but there’s one thing that I must insist. When they give out the World Series rings, I’m going. That’s a dealbreaker if you say no.”

        I think Pat is a different case apart from Eaton, So, Rudy, Flash, etc.

        And Eaton was NOT a member of this team during the playoffs. Neither was Kendrick. I’m not sure either of them should’ve been there.

      • pattisonpundit

        Valid point on the duration of Burrell’s career – he was a part of this thing from the get-go. And I see what you’re saying about not playing in the playoffs, but I don’t know, I guess actually winning for once has made me warm and fuzzy – I truly have no problem with any of them getting a rings. Bums? Absolutely. But what the hell, they were on the roster, and Kendrick was a part of the rotation for most of the year – let them have their ring. It’s really just a token to something they were marginally a part of – the actual meaning of the ring, the actual joy of receiving it will never resound in the same way it will for guys like Burrell, Rollins, Hamels, etc.

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