Now this is what I’m talking about – Eagles sign Leonard Weaver

Finally. I’ve really wanted them to make this move, and they pulled the trigger. Only a one-year deal, which seems to be the Eagles thing this offseason. Guess they’re waiting to see what happens after this season, whether or not there will be an uncapped year. Anyway, I love this move, and perhaps it will be the start of a better direction for what has been a particularly tumultuous offseason.

Quick reminder: make sure to vote in the March Madness Beer Bracket, which will decide Philly’s favorite beer.



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4 responses to “Now this is what I’m talking about – Eagles sign Leonard Weaver

  1. Vingio

    FYI…Philly’s favorite beer is not properly represented in your pool. Although your efforts are appreciated, the beer taste of this fine city goes far beyond what you have put out. Believe me when I tell you that Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and the 2 MAgic Hats (the best beers in your brackets) would get steamrolled in a true Philly beer lovers bracket.

    P.S. – thank god they signed Weaver…

    • Vingio

      Ummm…never mind.

      When did you put all the good beers in???

      • pattisonpundit

        I split the bracket up…half of the beers thursday, half on friday. I’m going to follow the NCAA bracket schedule – so, tomorrow, I’ll do half the bracket again, and Sunday, I’ll do the other half. I split them into four regionals, all representing four different levels of beer quality, popularity, etc.

  2. pattisonpundit

    scratch that…I’m just going to make the entire second round available for the entire weekend.

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