Tourney Liveblogging, plus open thread on who the Eagles should draft, fantasy baseball, etc.

While I would like to go back and forth on who the Birds should draft, this is a wide-open thread: feel free to drop a line on anything sports, really. I’ll be doing a liveblog for pretty much the rest of the evening, only breaking to eat/help a buddy with his fantasy baseball draft. So, any thoughts on fantasy baseball are welcome as well – I’m pretty new to the game. Always been more of a fantasy football guy. But I’m thinking I want to go with Utley, unless I can grab a guy like Hanley Ramirez or Pujols at the top. I think Utley is about to have a very big year.

Plus, don’t forget to vote in the March Madness Beer Bracket Extravaganza – 64 beers battling it out for ultimate bragging rights. Your votes will decide the champ. Check that out here.

Here’s what I think will end up happening with the Eagles in the draft. They probably end up using number 21, and either their second or third to move down, drafting one of the top OT prospects. Then, they trade out at 28, probably early in the second round, picking up either another second or a higher third. They use the first second to pick up Donald Brown, and use their next two picks (which will fall somewhere in the late second/early third range) to pick up some combination of players at the following positions: TE, S, WR.

What would I like them to do? Trade the first and their third for Anquan Boldin. At 28, take the best RB left on the board. With their second round pick, select the best OT/TE left on the board.

Thoughts? What guys would you love to see them bring in? Sleepers? The (cough) floor is yours.

And now, to the liveblogging. Open thread in the comments. I’m pumped.

3:34 PM – Alright, I am ready to go, baby! I’ve got the tube on, got my laptop to do the liveblogging, and my roommate’s laptop to my right so I can watch the best game they aren’t showing on TV. Because, right now, they are playing UConn vs. Chattanooga. Why would I want to watch this game? Seriously, you put that one on because it’s being played in Philly? Hogwash – pure friggin’ hogwash. Either give me the best game, or the one Gus Johnson is announcing – I don’t think that is asking for too much.

3:41 PM – So far, I’m 1-2. I had Butler beating LSU, and BYU beating Texas A&M. Ah, well – 8-9 games are always a toss-up, anyway. Thank God Memphis survived – I have them winning the whole damn thing. Would have been a very devestating morning for me if they had blown that one.

4:00 PM – I don’t know what it is – maybe their legs are going on them here toward the end of the season? – but Northern Iowa has been air-balling a lot of threes. Funny thing is, Purdue has been doing a poor job of boxing out, and the Northern Iowa bricks end up being really deep passes under the basket. Which makes me think of another great sports innuendo: the entry pass. As in, when Quagmire saw Lois, he took an an entry pass, and was quickly turned down. Probably a stretch, but I’m going with it. Not nearly as good as “Stimulus Package,” though.

4:22 PM – Looks like we could have a potentially wild finish between Northern Iowa and Purdue on our hands. Though Purdue has been able to keep them at arms-length for most of the game. Here we go…

4:27 PM – …56-54, Purdue at the line, 16.7 seconds left. Nails both, four point game. What you got left, Northern Iowa?

4:31 PM – Well, Purdue survives. Northern Iowa could just never quite claw back. Hell of an effort, though. And I improve to 2-2 for the day. Over to Maryland vs. California, which has been a very competitive game to this point. 50-47 Maryland, 13 minutes to play.

4:45 PM – Maryland’s Greivis Vasquez lobs an air-ball, and promptly looks at both his hand and his elbow, as if they had something to do with it. I always do this when I play sports, and I see it all the time – I screw up, and then I look to some part of my body, as though they suddenly betrayed me. A breakdown in technique? Nope, I missed that shot because my elbow gave up on me. A loss of focus? Nope, I dropped that pass because my hands are traitors. (Note on Vasquez: the next play, he gets a steal and takes it down the court for a layup. That’s being a gamer).

5:06 PM – Maryland puts Cal away with a big push late, led by Vasquez’s 27 points. I’ll tell you what – the Terps will give Memphis a game. I still think Memphis will win, but Maryland will make them sweat bullets. They looked like a very disciplined, well-rounded team today. We’ll see if they can keep that up on Saturday.

7:36 PM – LET’S GO ‘NOVA!!! American seems to be a scrappy, disciplined bunch – I’ll say they’ll stick around in the first-half, ‘Nova will put them down in the second.

7:44 PM – Just finished the fantasy baseball draft – here’s a run-down of my players. Not really sure how I did, seeing as this was my first year doing this, but here’s nothing. BTW – apparentely, this is a “pick an entire pitching staff” league. Okay then.

Jose Reyes, Ian Kinsler, Alphonso Soriano, Justin Morneau, Bobby Abreu, Yankees staff, Matt Wieters, Raul Ibanez, Alex Gordon, Jim Thome, Mark DeRosa, Adam Jones, Jorge Posada, Yuniesky Betancourt, Marlins staff

I was very happy with the first part of my draft – after that, I think my picks dropped off. Ah, well – live and learn.

8:00 PM – Um, American is leading ‘Nova, 32-26. They are shooting lights out. I wouldn’t say I’m in panic-mode…but I am concerned.

8:08 PM – Jeez. American goes into the half leading, 41-31. I mean, they can’t miss. They have to cool down, right? RIGHT? ‘Nova is on their heels – they’ve always been a scrappy team, though. This would be a pretty appropriate time to get scrappy and make a comeback. ‘Cuz I’m not far from panic mode now.

8:48 PM – Well, ‘Nova has made their adjustments, though this kid Carr doesn’t miss from three. Still, ‘Nova has ratcheted up the defensive pressure, is attacking the basket and working the ball down low, and has American in foul trouble. 12 minutes to go, and they’re in the penalty – should get some easy points on free throws alone. But this is going to be a battle until the end.

9:09 PM – ‘Nova takes the lead, 58-55! Once they started attacking the basket, their fortunes changed. The crowd is loving it – Philly woke up, baby.

9:25 PM – Whew…’Nova survives. Had me seriously worried there for a minute. American just got worn out – the pressure got to them in the end. Valiant effort by the Eagles, though – they were dropping shots in the first half like Courtney Love on any given Saturday night. That’s the tricky thing about these mid-maors – they play fundemental basketball, trust their scheme, often shoot really well. If you don’t take them out of their game, they will beat you. ‘Nova responded, and I think this will be good for them – every game is a battle. I’m glad they had adversity early, and I’m really glad they showed such mental toughness and resolve tonight.

9:35 PM – Alright, enough liveblogging for me. I just want to watch the last couple of games and relax. Can’t wait for tomorrow, though I fear I’m going to miss the big game. You know what I’m talking about – LET’S GO TEMPLE!


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6 responses to “Tourney Liveblogging, plus open thread on who the Eagles should draft, fantasy baseball, etc.

  1. James Fayleez

    Let me know when the live blogging is over and we can begin talking about the Eagles, Phillies and Sixers again….

  2. James Fayleez

    What about the fluff piece “Spuds” did with Reid on the Eagles website?

    Do you think this is controlling the media?

    • pattisonpundit

      Yeah, without question. The Eagles are pros at manipulating their press – just another reason this regime gets under my skin at times.

  3. James Fayleez

    Here is my favortie part of the interview…

    DS: The team wasn’t as productive as you wanted in the red zone last year. Do you feel the team has improved in that area, or is that something the team feels the need to address moving forward?

    AR: “We’ve got to do some things better in the red zone. In the red zone, you’ve got to be able to throw the ball and you’ve got to be able to run the ball…”

    You don’t say.

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