In a strange twist, David Wright knocks in Jimmy Rollins to win game; plus, a quick Tourney note

Hey, I’m not going to act like I watched the U.S. play Puerto Rico – I was too busy yelling at the the TV while the Red Wings came back to beat the Flyers, or standing on my couch and pumping my fist after Iggy knocked down the game-winning three against the Lakers.

But this was a hell of a finish in its own right, and featured a few of our Phillies in prominent roles. Video after the jump.

Well, I thought I was going to have a video up here, but for whatever reason, WordPress won’t let me put the damn thing up. Blasphemy! So here’s the link – check it out, some pretty good stuff from our Phils.

Damn, I love seeing Shane Victorino, scrapping it up – I truly believe his feisty attitude went a long way toward the Phillies becoming World Flipping Champions last year. He just always stirs something up, and I friggin’ love it.

Alright, so quick change of topic here: I’ve seriously neglected the Tourney on the site, and it’s high time I gave it some attention. Tomorrow, probably tomorrow evening, I’ll go through an extensive preview, and give my picks for every game. Plus, I’ll be revealing the bracket for a fun extension of the Tourney I came up with – The Beer Bracket. I’ve picked out 64 beers, separated into four different brackets, and during the tournament, I’m going to have you guys vote on them to determine the ultimate beer. I don’t want to guarantee anything, but I am going to try to work out a deal with a local bar to sell the winning beer – at a discounted price – during the National Championship Game. We’ll see what we can do on that one.

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