Boldin to be shopped; the Pundit uncovers the mentor of Joe Banner; have the Eagles built themselves a doghouse?

First things first – PFT has the news that surely sounds sweet to all of you Birds’ fans out there.

A league source tells us that the Arizona Cardinals are shopping receiver Anquan Boldin to potential trade partners.

Shoot, I’m getting excited again. Of course, somehow – despite the fact that we probably have the resources (two first-round picks, 12 in all), the money to sign him to an extension, and the need for a solid possession receiver who can make big plays after the catch and contribute in the red zone – this won’t happen.

Hey, maybe they never move him. Or maybe he gets traded to the Giants, who knows? But damnit, I’m getting my hopes up once more – will I ever learn?

UPDATE: The Cardinals deny the rumors – wow, what a shocker. TO wasn’t going anywhere either, right?

And now, to reveal the mentor of Joe Banner…scrooge

Damn you, Scrooge McDuck! Why have you taught Joe Banner all of your money-hoarding ways? Wait, what’s this? You’ve given Jeffrey Lurie diving lessons, as well?


What the duck, Scrooge? Teaching Lurie how to swim about in his billions? I hope you wilt.

Alright, alright, perhaps we should keep things in perspective. After all, the Eagles FO has consistently put out a playoff-contender, and the players haven’t quite taken care of business. Yeah. Wasn’t Andy Reid’s stubborn adherence to his system, I’ll tell you that much. Sure, it “seems” as though they are content to ensure their ticket and merchandising sales, without ever actually breaking the bank to ensure a championship, but let’s not forget the Asante Samuel signing, or Jevon Kearse, or TO. Or, um…well, keep those guys I just mentioned in mind.

Jeez, the glass is half-empty over here, huh? I’ve gotta say, lately, I’ve been feeling really negative about the Eagles. Certainly, I don’t think I’m the only one. And I think a big part of it is because of the Phillies won the World Series; I think many people, myself included, always assumed that this Eagles team was going to break the championship drought. And now that they haven’t – desite repeated, painstaking oppurtunites – nothing else from them will ever be good enough in this city. At least under this regime, especially after losing fan-favorite Dawkins, and The Facebook Roar of Leone.

The Eagles are officially in the doghouse. But what do they care?

Come September, Eagles fans will come back, and fill their stadium, and buy their merchandise. We can’t help it.

We always throw them a frickin’ bone.


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11 responses to “Boldin to be shopped; the Pundit uncovers the mentor of Joe Banner; have the Eagles built themselves a doghouse?

  1. James Fayleez

    Getting Boldin is the ONLY way the Eagles save any semblance of face for the Dawkins fiasco.

  2. Joe

    Can you start blogging about the cowboys instead?

  3. tom money

    dugg down won’t happen

  4. Tracer Bullet

    The Eagles have put themselves in the worst possible position: Wins are expected, and so unappreciated, while losses are intlerable and so unforgivable. Wanting a championship is one thing, but it’s stupid to think any season that doesn’t end in a championship is a failure. As for Dawkins, well, smart teams don’t guarantee millions of dollars for 35-year-old safeties who can’t cover.

  5. James Fayleez

    What situation are losses tolerable?

    When you have a team that keeps coming close and LOSING, not because they run into some type of juggernaut, but because of stupid mistakes or bad personnel decisions, that is where the unforgivable side of it comes in.

    Panthers game – bad personnel decisions
    Bucs game – stupid mistakes
    Patriots game – STUPID mistakes
    Cardinals game – bad personnel decisions and stupid mistakes

    After 10 years, these type of things begin to weigh on even the most devout fan of the team.

    And if you look at Dawkins as just “a 35 year old safety that can’t cover” then I’d say you are perfectly tuned into the mind of Joe Banner. It also explains why you don’t understand what the big deal is about losing him.

  6. pattisonpundit

    Accomplishments are relative. When a team that is traditionally in the cellar goes 8-8, that is a successful season. When a team that traditionally finishes 8-8 finally breaks through and makes the playoffs, that is a successful season. When a team that traditionally makes the playoffs finally wins the Super Bowl, that is a successful season.

    But when you, as an organization, constantly make the playoffs but don’t break through, I would not consider that a “successful” season. Good? Yes. Better than the alternative of constantly missing the playoffs? Yup.

    But not successful.

    And do you really think that the Eagles have seriously upgraded the safety position this offseason? And didn’t Dawkins win NFC Defensive Player of the Month in December?

  7. Tracer Bullet

    Football teams can be sentimental or they can be successful. And yes, I remember that Dawkins was the player of the month in December. I also remember him getting run ragged against the Cardinals. The man is a football player on the decline. I recognize what the man has done for this team, but that doesn’t mean he can still cover tight ends and God forbid he gets singled up on a WR. The Eagles shouldn’t shell out millions because you need a damned woobie.

    • pattisonpundit

      Yeah, um, how many safeties out there can man up a legit WR? I mean, seriously – if you are consistently allowing your safeties to to cover WR’s, then you’ve drawn up a horrid scheme. And the ENTIRE Eagles secondary played poorly against the Cardinals, not just Dawkins. Demps was out of his league, at least on that afternoon, and while I won’t kill anybody for not being able to single Fitzgerald, Sheldon Brown had him mano-a-mano down by the goaline and COULDN’T EVEN MANAGE TO GET A JAM ON HIM! Yeah, did the Eagles have to scheme a little bit because coverage isn’t his specialty? Yeah, they did – and still managed to have one of the best defenses in football, at least until the Arizona game. And again, I ask you – have they really upgraded the safety position this offseason? Because personally, I don’t know that they have.

  8. Tracer Bullet

    Yes, the combination of Mikell and Demps/Jones will be better in 2009 than the combination of Mikell and Dawkins would have been.

  9. James Fayleez

    Even if the Eagles franchised him for one year it still would’ve been less that what Dawkins got from Denver – and Dawkins would’ve taken it.

    The loss of leadership will show this year.

    And again, if they get Boldin, I will not care one bit that Dawkins is gone, because the offense will get better. Right now, NEITHER side is improved.

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