McNabb pays homage to Dawk and Tra; the Pundit wonders if remarks should be over-analyzed

Donovan McNabb has blogged once more, saying a few final words for some vanquished teammates. From Yardbarker:

I have been a part of the Philadelphia Eagles for 10 years and I have not played a game, attended a practice, sweated in training camp, built a playground or participated in a Carnival, and more importantly dreamed of a championship parade, without Brian Dawkins and Tra Thomas being a part of it. We all had a goal of bringing a championship to this city and while we didn’t achieve that goal, we have had a lot of successes during our time together.

Kind of touching, actually, and certainly pangs at the soul a bit. But here I propose a question, in the glorious tradition of analyzing the hell out of every single thing that happens around the Eagles: wasn’t the timing of this, in conjunction with the Dan Leone story that got national play, terrible for the Eagles? I don’t really think Donovan purposefully timed it this way, seeing as Tra just signed with Jacksonville. Plus, Donovan didn’t say anything toward the organization whatsoever. But tell me that this doesn’t get you all sentimental:

I was always confident that Tra had my blindside. When he was out there it was one less thing to worry about. As for Brian, mere words cannot explain what he has meant to me, our team, and the City of Philadelphia.

Gosh – that just gets you, doesn’t it? Twists you around inside a bit, you know? Man, McNabb is feeling our pain, too. This one hurt on a different level – a level beyond football – for him, too. He’s not thrilled about this, just like we aren’t. These were his guys, his boys, and now they are gone.

Listen – I might be reading into this a bit too much. The guys were teammates for ten years, and McNabb is going to miss them. Duh. But still, I can’t help but think that, with the very intense outpouring of emotion from Philly fans about the whole Dawkins thing, that McNabb is consciously leaching on to that, at least a little. Letting the organization know, very subtly, that he isn’t thrilled with these moves. Which might be a factor in this whole contract-talk, offseason-theatre thing we’ve got going here.

Though, even if that is the case, it doesn’t take away from the tribute he payed toward two very classy, talented, and respected (well, in Dawkins case, absolutely beloved) members of the Philadelphia Eagles. No shame in remembering two guys who meant a lot to your career.

But let’s be real here – what fun would it be to have material from McNabb, and not dissect every single word of it? Just wouldn’t feel right, you know?

So, in keeping with that spirit, here’s something else for you to chew on. At the bottom of his post, when he quickly acknowledges the other Eagles moving on, he never mentions Leone…slip of the mind? Or does Donovan lack respect for other employees of the Eagles? Does Donovan think he’s better then the little guys? (Insert evil laugh here, followed by a few suspensful and dramatic bursts of music as a crimson curtain drops over the screen)


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