A guy the Eagles may have been saving up for?

Per Profootballtalk.com:

The St. Louis Rams have announced that tackle Orlando Pace, the No. 1 overall pick in the 1997 draft, has been released.

We recently were told that the Rams had been “trying like hell” to trade Pace.  Howard Balzer of the Sports Xchange pointed out earlier today that the move will save the Rams $5.975 million against the 2009 salary cap.

I’m torn on whether or not the Eagles should make a play at Pace, and whether or not they even would. He was drafted a year ahead of Tra Thomas, for one thing, though he is a year younger. If the Eagles are fully committed to going young, then I don’t see this happening. But, if they simply didn’t think Tra Thomas had “it” anymore, and think Pace has a couple of good years left, might he be a guy they make a play for?

Sure, he’s injury prone…but isn’t Stacy Andrews coming off of knee surgery? Then again, would Pace be that much of an upgrade from Thomas? Hard to say, though seeing as the Eagles never seemed interested in bringing him back, they didn’t think all that highly of him – at this stage in his career – anyway. Would I overpay for Pace? Not drastically, though I think he would give you more security than hoping one of the Andrews brothers or Herremans could fill in at left tackle.

Seeing as the Rams were trying to trade Pace, and apparentely couldn’t, perhaps the Eagles were hoping he got cut, crossing their fingers that they could get a deal done with him once he hit the market. If it didn’t go according to plan, they would replace the position from within. Dunno, but I guess we’ll find out soon enough – as PFT accurately points out, he probably won’t be on the market for too long.



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2 responses to “A guy the Eagles may have been saving up for?

  1. James Fayleez

    I’m for this move. The more O-Lineman we sign through free agency, the less we have to waste draft picks on.

  2. pattisonpundit

    True. Though he will probably be asking for a pretty penny, which I think the Eagles will hesitate to give an older player who has been injury-riddled in the past. But if the price is right, I think he’s an upgrade.

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