Terrell Owens is now a Buffalo Bill…wait, what?

That’s not a lie. I was working late last night, so I had no idea, but sure enough, it’s true.

Terrell Owens is a Buffalo Bill.


I mean, would you have ever predicted this? Who the hell saw this one coming? It’s like when Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie did The Simple Life, only Owens isn’t being brought in to be a contrast to the way the Bills do business, and isn’t supposed to provide “comedic relief” by dismissively mocking every aspect of Buffalo life.

Nope – he’s supposed to make them a better football team.

And maybe he will, but…really? This really happened?

I mean, this is great – I can’t get over how great this is. Did nobody else want him? Or did the Bills just wow him with dollars? I’m sure he’ll be good for business up there – maybe they really needed the publicity, who knows? I just can’t imagine Owens picking a place like Buffalo to play, unless he’s tired of the big-market spotlight or something.


(Trying to hold it in…)


The fact that he took a one-year deal, in Buffalo, makes me think there was a very, very cold market out there for TO. Abilities starting to decline, reputation for being a locker room cancer – maybe teams decided they would only take him at a very low price, and maybe the deal with the Bills was the best he could get.

Then again, maybe TO wanted just the one-year with the Bills. Maybe they were offering the most money, but also offered him a second or third year on the deal. Owens isn’t really keen on the idea of playing in Buffalo, but hey, they’re dancing the dollars, so he’s intrigued. So Owens thinks it over, and he conjures up the idea that if he goes out and has a huge year – and plays nice with his teammates – a bigger market team might give him one last contract before he retires. Like a redemption audition or something. Who knows?

But I never saw this one coming – never in a million years. TO is a Bill…wow.

Is Al Davis is on vacation?


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2 responses to “Terrell Owens is now a Buffalo Bill…wait, what?

  1. James Fayleez

    Here is my take on T.O.

    With the Bills: I think someone in the organization owed Rosenhaus a favor – ala Jerry Maguire begging Glenn Frey at the beginning of the movie. The deal came out of nowhere. It’s a one year try-out that I’m sure is incentive laden so bad that if he messes up once his salary for the year is $1. So good luck and I might look at Trent Edwards as a backup fantasy QB this upcoming season.

    With the Eagles: Hey, it’s a business, right? That’s why Dawkins got bounced. No emotion involved. So if it’s just a business then why not bring in someone who can add 10 TD’s to your team? He’s bad in the locker room? That’s personal stuff. Not business. Not giving T.O. another look is why the Eagles are hypocrites.

  2. pattisonpundit

    It’s more than just in the locker room – he tends to cause a media circus. Then guys get stuck answering questions about him, and people lose focus. TO becomes more than a player – he creates this sort of dramatic, time-consuming, self-centered mindset that tires and distracts everyone in its wake. At least, that’s how I perceive his stays with the Eagles and Cowboys.

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