The Pundit says farewell to Greg Lewis, manages to keep emotions in check

In honor of the recent trade of Greg Lewis, I have done what any man might do to properly say goodbye to another man.

Ahem. I wrote him a poem.

Oh, G-Lew


That’s as far as I got. Anyway, to be fair, Greg Lewis did have some memorable moments as an Eagle. Like his touchdown catch in the Superbowl. Ooh, and he was a pretty good special teams guy. Plus…nah, that’s all I got. Enjoy the Pats, ya ol’ patsy.

Another move that signals the end of the Old Guard in green. But will the New Guard be the Right Guard? Or will they just stink? (Editor’s note: Wow, deodorant jokes – how nice).



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6 responses to “The Pundit says farewell to Greg Lewis, manages to keep emotions in check

  1. philcali

    To the Editor:

    You’re blog is good and I check in every day. However, you may want to avoid inserting the “Editor’s note:’ blurbs into your columns. Frankly, they are annoying and self-serving. You’re good without them.

    Respectfully yours,


    • pattisonpundit

      I appreciate the input, philcali. The Editor had the following to say on his behalf:

      Philcali: Why you gotta be like that, man? There are enough writers and bloggers out there that take their work far too seriously – I’m here to make sure the Pundit doesn’t do the same. If that annoys you, or anyone else, I sincerely apologize, mostly because I am not going to change. I’m not entirely sure how they are self-serving, or even what you mean by that, but I assure you they are meant to keep the posts light and to keep the Pundit from getting too pretentious. That is all.

  2. tom money

    Is this dude serious? The pun’s comments are the best mostly b/c he doesn’t know as much about sports as I do. The Pun once disagreed with my comment that Ryan Howard is one of the best fielding first basemen in the league.

    Silly pundit, sports analysis is for toms

  3. James Fayleez

    Tom Money sounds like someone I could have a beer with.

  4. pattisonpundit

    Or several.

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