Flyers release Briere’s groin; replacement groin to come from Carcillo?

ASSociated Press — In a surprising announcement earlier today, the Philadelphia Flyers have released the injured groin of Daniel Briere.

The move comes after Briere – who has played in only 12 games this season due to injury – reaggrevated the groin last evening in the Flyers 5-1 loss against Calgary. Though initially reported to be a day-to-day setback, the organization has decided to cut ties with the oft-injured groin.

“Obviously, this wasn’t an easy decision for the Flyers or for Danny Briere, but in the end, we felt that it was the best decision for all parties,” said Flyers GM Paul Holmgren.

When asked how he felt about his groin getting cut, Briere visibly winced before recovering himself.

“Jeez, when you put it like that…Basically, it was just the right move to make at this time. We’ve had some good years, some real good years, but it kind of became dead weight. Hopefully, we get a new groin in here, and move on.”

“I’m ready to move on.”

The Flyers have said that Briere will only miss a week or so of action. Holmgren noted that complete groin-replacement is actually quite easy to perform, and has a very short recovery period.

He would not, however, reveal the surgeon performing the procedure, or reveal the party that would be providing the new groin.

“Obviously, until all of the details are worked out, I can’t elaborate on anything related to the procedure. At this juncture, we won’t be revealing the source of a replacement groin – when everything is worked out, we’ll release a statement.”

Briere did not seem too concerned with the origin of his new groin.

“Hey, I don’t care [where the new groin comes from] – as long as it works, I’m cool. I just want to play hockey.”

But while all parties remained mum on the subject, sources are indicating that recent acquisition, Daniel Carcillo, might be required to provide Briere with a groin.

The acquisition of Carcillo, a fighter who leads the NHL in penalty minutes with 174, was met with much disdain in Philadelphia. Scottie Upshall, the displaced Flyer, was popular with fans, many of whom judged the move as lateral and perplexing.  Initially thought to be simple cost-cutting for the Flyers, the move may have also been insurance in case the Flyers did decide to cut Briere’s groin.

The release of the groin is expected to offer the Flyers further financial flexibility, though the amount of which is unknown, and thought to be slight.

Holmgren did not address either claim, saying simply, “This is a move we’d considered making for quite some time, and felt that now was the right time to go ahead with this.”

When asked how the team came to such a decision, and where they’d gotten the idea from, Holmgren simply smiled.

“Hey – sometimes you’ve got to be creative.”

Surely, the contractual release and subsequent removal of a body part is unprecedented. However, it is not the first time anything of this nature has been discussed.

Before cutting Terrell Owens, the Dallas Cowboys and Drew Rosenhaus toyed with having reconstructive surgery on his mouth, a procedure which apparently would have sewed the mouth shut. The Eagles tried to work out a deal with Brian Dawkins’ heart, but the heart decided to leave Philadelphia for Denver, along with Dawkins, after claiming the Eagles offer was “low-ball trash.”

It does not appear likely that these moves were ever discussed mid-season, but rather were offseason considerations. As well, nothing has surfaced to suggest that a groin has ever been targeted like this before.

The groin could not be reached for comment, and is expected to release a statement sometime this evening.

Briere just seemed relieved that the whole ordeal with the old groin was coming to close. He did, however, admit to having reservations about the procedure, at least initially.

“Sure, you’re concerned about what could go wrong, you’re concerned that the new groin won’t be able to do some of the things that the old groin did, it goes through your head,” shared Briere. “But I miss playing hockey, and, if all goes according to plan, this should keep me out on the ice. If it’s a chance, it’s one worth taking.”

“Sometimes, you’ve just got to go out on a limb.”

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