Has the loss of another player ever been this heartbreaking?

Seriously, has there ever been a player that has caused more unrest in Philly than the loss of Dawkins has?

Now, I have to concede this one to the older folks a bit, seeing as my own experiences with sports don’t stretch far beyond the 90’s. For certain, Reggie White comes to mind almost immediately. In my lifetime, I think that’s about it. Charles Barkley had seemed to wear out his welcome. I was a huuuuuuge Allen Iverson fan, but it kind of seemed like it was time to go. Same with Curt Schilling. Scott Rolen? Hah. Eric Lindros? Even thinking about him gives me a headache. Pat Burrell to a point, though his inconsistency always drove me crazy, and he certainly doesn’t inspire the fans like Dawk did.

Nope, Dawk hurts bad. Real bad. I understand the whole business side of the thing, but with all of the excess cap room they had, should he have ever hit the market if they were really, really serious about keeping him? They lowballed him, said that was the ceiling, and prepared to move on without him. Sometimes, it’s about more than money – it’s about respect, comraderie, leadership. Dawk took the latter two with him, seeking the first in Denver.

Illogical or not, I’m still really pissed about this. I am seriously considering boycotting the first game of the season. A small gesture perhaps, but something nonetheless. He should have retired an Eagle.

I thought it might be a fun excercise to describe finding out about Dawkins through a series of pictures. Okay, when I first heard that Dawkins might sign with the Broncos on Friday night, as I was hanging out at the bar, I felt something along these lines.


That’s right – confusion. Sheer confusion.

Of course, I thought it might just be a negotiating ploy by Dawkins once I heard it wasn’t yet official Saturday morning. I was feeling relieved by this.


Now that’s what I call sweet relief.

But wait – what’s this I find out at work? It’s…official? He’s…gone? Ohhhhhh no!




This isn’t the right picture, but I realized that, upon finding out that the Eagles had not been able to resign Dawkins, I kind of felt like Ron Burgundy immediately after watching Jack Black punt Baxter off the bridge. Without the theatrics, of course.

Oh well. Let’s go Phillies.


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  1. Chug milk straight from the carton, hardcore!

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