I’m getting a little ferklempt: Eagles lose options, Sixers stay put. Talk amongst yourselves.

Rhode Island – neither a road, nor an island. Discuss.

Yesterday, the NFL took a personnel day. And if you’re an Eagles fan, it was a disappointing one. The Panthers made their move, and it wasn’t pretty for our Birds – by resigning Gross, and franchising Peppers, they took away two very interesting options.

Ah, what might have been...

Ah, what might have been...

Alas, that was not all.

The Titans stuck the franchise tag on Bo Scaife, eliminating a potential upgrade at the TE position for the Birds. Plus, the Bucs had already stuck the ‘ol tag on Antonio Bryant, which doesn’t seem to affect the Eagles, unless you consider one point: that leaves T.J. Whateverhislastnameis as the only highly-regarded receiver left in free-agency. Which means his price tag probably just bumped him beyond what the Eagles would have been comfortable paying him, considering they have more pressing needs.

So what’s their next move?

OT becomes the priority, and they’ll likely address that through the draft. I wouldn’t be shocked to see them make a trade to snag one of the premier tackles in the draft, which at the very least will cost them their second round pick. Which means the dream scenario of them going some combination of TE/RB/WR early is basically shot. And, with Dawkins nearing the end of his career, if they do keep that second round pick, they may try to snag a less-heralded safety. Who knows?

Dream scenario for the Birds, at least in the eyes of fans hungry to see some playmakers: They fall in love with a first-round fringe tackle, and don’t have to trade picks. They convince the Bengals to give them Chad Johnson for Lito or Justice and a pick (though I don’t think they give them a one – probably a two, hopefully a three). A guy like LeSean McCoy falls to them at number 28.

Boy, would that be sweet. And man, is it incredibly unlikely.

I can live with Celek, and would rather see them go OT/RB in the first round than grab a guy like Pettigrew. Unless they bring back Tra, and are confident that Shawn Andrews will fit at RT. And will be healthy. Then, maybe they can still go TE/RB. Is Anquan Boldin still a possibility? Yeah, especially if the Cardinals think a guy like Lito would be an asset, but you’re still giving up the 21st pick to get him. Doubtful the Eagles do that – I have a feeling they’ll be addressing the OT spot early.

And remember – they still have to bring back Dawkins. And figure out this thing with McNabb. So, while this offseason will probably be a bit more bland than we all were hoping for, it will still be a busy one for the Eagles FO. I’m excited to see how this shakes out.

Quickly to the Sixers. Nothing changed, and little surprise there. Some rumblings about Sammy being moved, but that never seemed likely. Some rumblings about Andre Miller being moved, maybe for a guy like Raymond Felton, but I don’t think the Sixers could ever reach the happy medium of solid personnel move / business savvy move. This team still desperately needs a two-guard that can shoot – I can’t really do this Willie Green thing for much longer – but for now, what you see is what you got.

If only the Sixers had a Jimmy Chitwood, waiting on the wing...

If only the Sixers had a Jimmy Chitwood, waiting on the wing...

Which is probably another playoff berth, and first-round exit.

Hey, that’s better than nothing, and it will be fun to watch some of the young guys, especially Speights and Thad Young, continue to grow. And the question that now hangs over this team, all the way up to the offseason, will go a long way toward determining the future of this organization.

Can they resign Andre Miller?

Because if they can, they can turn their focus to the two-guard position. But if not, they have some serious work to do in the backcourt, without seeming to have the assets/cash to do it. They’re likely stuck with Elton Brand; they certainly don’t want to move Thad or Speights; Iggy has proven that he simply isn’t a two.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. For now, we got what we got, and at least (when they’re running and playing solid D), they’re fun to watch. You simply aren’t allowed to bitch when all four of your teams have either made the playoffs, or are in the hunt. Plus, Villanova looks like they could make a tourney run, and Temple may yet sneak into the dance.

Oh, and the contrived and media-driven war of the words with the Mets is just a whole lot of fun, at least from our World F’ing Champions vantage point. Yeah, we see you down there, New York – wanna play king of the hill? How about we start as the king? We kinda get it by default, just in case you were wondering.

Ah, life is good. Did I miss anything?

Oh, right – a chickpea. Neither a chick, nor a pea.


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