Here’s who the Eagles should sign…

Yeah…yeah, that could work. More Terry Tate, and a Donovan question, after the jump.

Condense the nonsense…brilliant. Want more? Yup, me too.

Ah, they just don’t make them like this anymore, do they?

Here’s my totally unrelated, Donovan McNabb question: does he deserve to restructure his deal? I’m not asking whether or not the Eagles should do it, because I’d just as soon give the guy the restructured deal if he wants it. What other viable options do you have at quarterback for the near future, anyway?

But has Donovan been justified in his public “I got disrespected, we gotta talk” tour? Did getting benched for one half of one game give him the right to restructure a deal he has two years left on, one that will be paying him a pretty penny? Sure, I can see him wanting an assurance that he’s the guy, hedging his bets after a benching that made him realize he isn’t untouchable. I get that – but I don’t know if he’s really earned it. I mean, he could get hurt at any time, something he’s shown a tendancy toward in the past. And while he had a very good season, he didn’t have an amazing one. In other words, he didn’t outperform his current deal.

And yet, I still think the Eagles should probably restructure the deal, and give him his guaranteed friggin’ money. Unless the asking price is way too high.

Which it might be.

The game within the game. The game that could – though I think the possibility is still, at this point, remote – lead to Donovan playing the actual game somewhere else next season. Doubtful, but possible. Here’s hoping both sides are reasonable.


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3 responses to “Here’s who the Eagles should sign…

  1. Chris I

    Timmy, great post. Believe it or not I actually have a Terry Tate office linebacker jersey. I scammed it from him when he made an appearance at the Boston Marathon my freshman year at BC, respek! Also, for what it’s worth, Donovan did mention that he had always planned to restructure the deal this summer and that the benching just made it a little more pressing. Congrats on getting on the Igglesblog blogroll. You’re moving up in the world.

  2. James Fayleez

    PP –

    I’ve thought about why the hell McNabb would be asking for an extension after playing like dogshit for more than half the games this season and here’s what I came up with.

    He’s forcing the Eagles to make a decision. a decision that no matter what they choose, he wins.

    Decision A – Restructure and give him more money. He gets paid more guaranteed money. WIN.

    Decision B – No restructuring. Unhappy QB. Move him to another team. No more Kolb looking over his shoulder. No more 70% passing game with C-level receivers. New deal. Fresh start. Get away from Philly fans who are so mean. WIN.

    If he sat back and played out his deal and said nothing, the Eagles would win. He’s forcing them to – as my daddy used to say – “shit or get off the pot.”

  3. pattisonpundit

    Awww man…I was just wondering where I might be able to find a Terry Tate uni. Nice snag.

    Yeah, he may have wanted to restructure the deal, but he is using the benching – through his “media tour” – as serious leverage. Truly, I can’t blame him for wanting a more security down the line – I’m just not sure he is automatically entitled to it as he seems to think he is.

    Oh, and I don’t know if I’d say he played like dogshit for more than half of their games this year. He had some real clunkers (Cincy, Baltimore, etc.), but overall, he still had a nice year.

    But not a spectacular one. And yeah, I think he is trying to put himself in a win-win situation. As long as he remains reasonable, I think the Eagles kind of have to give him what he wants.

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