What would your ultimate NBA starting five be? The Pundit gives his picks

I was thinking about titling this post “Who is in your NBA All-Star Fave Five?” Thankfully, my dignity returned from its perilous journey through Douscheville, and I escaped disaster.


But anyway, watching a bit of the NBA All-Star Game last night, I started wondering how I would put together a team that would be totally unstoppable. I wouldn’t necessarily want the five best players in the league, but rather five guys that would gel as a team and perform their roles better than most others at their positions. Again, this isn’t about overall talent, but rather putting together a team that would actually play well with one another, while basically being unstoppable. Here’s who I came up with:

Chris Paul – To me, he’s just the best point-guard in the league, period. He’s lightning quick, looks to pass, and knows when he needs to put the team on his back and take over the game. Complete package.

Kobe Bryant – He’s the best player going right now. But more than anything else – and the reason I would take him over LeBron as the guy to build the team around – is that not only does he want the ball late in games, but everyone else wants him to have the ball, too. Think back to the Olympics – they deferred to Kobe. He’s got that killer instinct. Plus, he’s a pretty good defender. But trust me when I say that LeBron is very close to taking his place.

Ray Allen – This is probably my most unconventional pick. Why Ray Allen? Simple – he’s the shooter, the guy you always have to keep an eye on behind the three-point line. Sure, this lineup is guard heavy, but you know Kobe’s gonna lock up their best wing-player anyway, so I don’t think it hurts them. Allen’s another guy that, with the game on the line, can kill you with that jump-shot. The big men kick the ball back out to him to beat the double. Guy can just flat-out shoot, and that is always a skill-set you want somewhere on your team.

Kevin Garnett – Every team needs a leader, and Garnett fills that role for me. He gets the guys hyped, keeps them motivated and team-oriented throughout the year. That, and he’s still a beast down low, and has great range. Garnett gives you a bit of everything, and his passion for the game and unselfishness are both worth their weight in gold.

Dwight Howard – Dude, Superman is nice. Shaq may have gone between Howard’s legs in the All-Star Game, but Howard is the heir apparent to Shaq in the big-man department. He is putting up ridiculous numbers this year (20.5 ppg, 14.1 rpg, 1.9 BPG), would be the front runner for NBA Defensive Player of the Year if the season ended now, and will at least deserve consideration for MVP. Howard is the truth.

That’s mine. And I can’t imagine you agree with me. So who you got?


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3 responses to “What would your ultimate NBA starting five be? The Pundit gives his picks

  1. How can you go wrong with this lineup? You should add a current lineup vs. Legends lineup.

  2. Howard Agree

    Ultimate? Hmmm.

    Center; Wilt
    Small Forward: Larry Bird
    Power Forward: Tim Duncan
    Shooting Guard: Michael Jordan
    Point Guard: Oscar Robertson

    • pattisonpundit

      Well, I meant with current players…

      If we’re doing all-time, I want Bill Russell at center, Duncan at the 4, Bird at the 3, Jordan at the 2 and Magic manning the point.

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