Power Howard signs three-year deal, inspires new Phillies tradition

So by now, you know that Ryan Howard has re-upped with the Phillies for three years at $54 million. Nice little raise for the big guy. But for too long, Howard has toiled in this town without an appropriate – and memorable – moniker. In honor of his contract, and because I am starting to get excited for pitchers and catchers to report, I propose both a new nickname, and tradition, for Ryan Howard.


The nickname is simple: Power Howard. It reflects the most prominent aspect of his game, and has the potential to spawn a fun game to play while the Phillies are in action.

Ah, the power hour - you have created many memorable times, most of which I probably have forgotten.

Ah, the power hour - you have created many memorable moments, most of which I have probably forgotten.

Well, it isn’t quite the Power Hour. For those of you don’t know what a power hour is, it is a game which requires you to take a shot of beer every minute over the duration of an hour. It can be a brutal game, but it sure gets the trick done. Well, The Power Howard is a similar game – every time Howard hits a homer this year, and you are watching at a bar or at the house with beer in tow, you chug your beer. Seeing as Howard consistently stays around the 50 home run mark, it isn’t a stretch to think he could possibly hit the full “Power Howard” of 60 home runs.

Dude, the Phillies and local businesses could totally run with this. Imagine if Howard hits 60 this year – the ticket of everyone in attendance becomes a voucher for one free beer at a selection of local bars. Different bars offer the Power Howard special during Phillies games – after a Howard homerun, one dollar Pabsts, two dollar Yuenglings for the duration of the inning. We could have fun with this, people.

Anyway, I’m pleased to see that Howard and the Phillies could avoid arbitration and ensure that we’ll likely get to watch Howard for the next three years. The core of this team will be with the Phillies for a few more years at least, and that is truly exciting. You gotta believe they will be a contender, and possibly even win another World Series in the near future. Our Fightins our looking steady. And, as much as I am enjoying the Big 5, Flyers, and Sixers, I am chomping at the bit for this Phillies season.

It’s hard not to love the Champions.


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One response to “Power Howard signs three-year deal, inspires new Phillies tradition

  1. I thought it was a great deal and Howard should have gotten it. It also gets rid of the tiresome arbitration nonsense every offseason. Thank God.

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