Gotta keep on keeping on: The Pundit’s pregame speech to our Eagles

(Editor’s note: Listen, The Pundit has what you might call an, um, overactive imagination. Right. He thought it might really get people into the football spirit if they read the pregame speech he would give to the Eagles before their duel with the Cardinals. Were he actually the coach, of course. Personally, I would have preferred it if he had just copied and pasted Pacino’s speech from “Any Given Sunday,” but that’s just me. Because that speech is friggin’ awesome. But anyway, here’s how The Pundit would fire up ‘dem Birds).

Men…how in the hell did we get here?

(Pause here, hoping very much for laughter).

Whew (wipes brow)…it’s sure has been one hell of a ride, right?

In all sincerity, though, it has been a rocky path at times. We’ve been up, and we’ve been down. We’ve fought through adversity and injury, defeat and doubt. We were left for dead, but we kept on fighting. And why?

Because we are a team. And because this team never stopped believing in itself.

And that’s all fine and dandy, and it sure sounds nice in the papers. But beyond all of the Hollywood “rah-rah”, beyond the “us against them” rhetoric, has been something far more beautiful, and far more real.

We’ve played within ourselves.

We’ve done our jobs. If that meant making adjustments, than that’s what we’ve done. If that meant tightening up the execution of our assignments, than that’s what we’ve done. If that meant putting less pressure on ourselves as individuals and having fun again, than that’s what we’ve done. If that meant fighting like hell through pain and injury, than that’s what we’ve done.

Some people like to talk about destiny, but I say to hell with destiny. We are where we are because we’ve been playing the football we are capable of playing. Let the Cardinals talk about how nobody believes in them, how nobody’s giving them a chance. I could give two shits about talk like that. All I care about is going out on that field this afternoon, and taking care of business the way we’ve been taking care of business for the past two Sundays. I don’t care what anybody is saying about this team; no, I only care about getting the win. If they hate us, I guess we’ll prove them wrong. If they love us, than I guess we’ll prove them right.

But they don’t matter. Only we matter, the people in this room, the men you go to battle with each and every week. When you walk off of that field today, only the opinions of a very select group of people will matter to you: your coaches, your teammates, and most importantly…


The time for “rah-rah” bullshit is over. Now, we handle our business. Today, we play like champions.

So let’s leave it on the field today. Because, and I don’t know about you, but I sure have been struggling in this cold ass Philly weather.

Personally, I could go for some of that warm, Tampa weather. Let’s go get ’em, boys…


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One response to “Gotta keep on keeping on: The Pundit’s pregame speech to our Eagles

  1. All right, coach! I want this so bad that I can taste it. FLY, EAGLES, FLY!!!

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