So what if Anquan Boldin is playing? The Eagles don’t want no stinkin’ handout wins anyway

Handout playoff berths are acceptable, however.

So Boldin is going to play, according to an article over at ESPN. Whatever. Sure, the task would be less daunting without him playing; still, it’s far more honorable to beat a team with all of their weapons.

Though, speaking of weapons, not having to deal with Plaxico Burress sure was nice. (Editor’s note: Insert rim shot here. But maybe it’s time to leave the guy alone, Pundit…nah, never mind).

Ah, well. He would never admit to it, but I can’t imagine we’ll see the healthy, frightening version of Anquan Boldin; he’ll play, but he won’t be as effective as he’s capable of being at 100 percent. Which is probably what Cardinals fans are saying about, and hoping for from Brian Westbrook.

Damn, I really can’t wait for this game. Be sure to check back for my Eagles vs. Cardinals preview tonight.


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