Still riding the high – The Pundit gives his final thoughts from Sunday, and looks ahead to the Cardinals…

You know, I really hate Mondays. Hate ’em. I never get enough sleep because my body has adjusted to my weekend schedule – you know, go to bed in the morning, and wake around noon. So right off the bat, I’m walking into work groggy. Today was no exception, of course – I couldn’t fall asleep at a reasonable hour, mustered only four hours of sleep, and had to skip my normal breakfast and coffee to get to work on time. Any other Monday, I’d be starting the week off miserable.

But damn it all if I didn’t feel like a million friggin’ bucks today. I mean, I was feeling absolutely wonderful.

And you know why? Oh, right: E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!!! Sometimes, I wonder about my love of sports, and how temperamental it makes my behavior. Had the Eagles lost yesterday, today would have been crappy based on its Mondayness, compounded ten-fold by an Eagles loss. (Editor’s note: Sad, but true).

But today was just a beautiful day. Lovely, really. Some more thoughts about yesterday:

– I really think the Giants believed that if they ran the ball successfully and shut down Brian Westbrook, they would win the game. Well, they ran the ball pretty well, and Westbrook wasn’t a factor. And they still lost. Which begs the question: is Eli Manning an average, ho-hum quarterback without Plaxico Burress? (Editor’s note: Plax sure was a weapon…yup, I still got it). Or did he have a bad game, which may have exposed a lack of top-notch arm strength, but shouldn’t tarnish his reputation as an elite quarterback? Opinions welcome, but I would say somewhere between there is accurate: he’s not an elite QB, not quite, but based solely on the way he played at the end of last year, he’s no run-of-the-mill guy, either. He’s a good, solid NFL starter, one who is better than two-thirds of the QB’s in this league.

Wait a hoot - that's not Eli Manning. But it certainly is an improvement...

Wait a hoot - that's not Eli Manning! Certainly is an improvement, though...

– Listen, I don’t want to get ahead of myself – or anyone else, for that matter – but Rant brought up an interesting query today. If Donovan and the Birds win the Super Bowl, will this town finally get off of Donovan’s case? Will Philadelphia finally wholeheartedly embrace McNabb? My answer: we damn well better. He’s the best quarterback to ever play in this town; if he also becomes the first QB to win a Super Bowl, than he goes down in Philly folklore as a legend.  (Editor’s note: For the record, the Pundit said “Super Bowl,” not “championship.” Semantics to the young folks perhaps, but the old school understands). He has to. He would have earned that much.

– Are the Cardinals really playing that well? I mean, Jake Delhomme turned the ball over six times against them. And Matt Ryan turned it over three times himself. Now, certainly, the Cardinals defense had a lot to do that, and the offense took advantage of its opportunities. And certainly, they’ve suddenly become very tough against the run. But on the same token, I would take my chances with Donovan over Matt Ryan and Jake Delhomme any day of the week. Matty Ice will likely be an MVP in this league someday, but he isn’t quite there yet. And Delhomme just looked awful.

– This is the type of game you should be absolutely frightened of. The Eagles are getting national attention again. There is an unbelievably positive feeling around the city about this team. They’ve won three in a row. Their next opponent is a team that most people will favor them to beat. If they win this one, they are one win away from reaching their goal. Sound a bit like the second Redskins game to anyone? I’m not trying to be a hater, I’m just throwing it out there, that’s all.

– Question: How will you judge the Eagles if they lose on Sunday? Will that make this season a disappointment once more? The popular phrase regarding the Birds is that they’re playing with house money right now, i.e. they didn’t expect to even be in the playoffs, so they have nothing to lose. But now they’re one win away from a trip to the Super Bowl – don’t they have everything to lose again? I’m still torn on this one. With how tumultuous this season has been, even being here seems like blessing enough. And yet, the season has been so tumultuous largely because the Eagles have lost those games that they not only absolutely needed to win, but the ones we all expected they absolutely would. Only Sunday will tell.

– Another question: Have you ever experienced a season like this, in any sport, in any other year? I mean, this has been utterly insane. I was listening to Preston and Steve this morning, and they had Gonzo on the program, who was basically echoing the same sentiment. His big thing was that he still, after 18 games, couldn’t pin this Eagles squad down. Couldn’t predict how they would play from one game to the next. Gotta agree with him on that one. On another note, before going to break, Preston asked him if he wanted to stick around for some more of the program, and Gonzo didn’t really seem all that interested, though he kind of politely said that he would after a noticeable pause. Maybe he had something else to do, I don’t know. He totally could have played it off more smoothly; not one of his better efforts, and why wouldn’t you want to hang with Preston and Steve? (Editor’s note: Hey, it’s a 24-hour news cycle, people: this brand of inane detail is now report-worthy. Heh). Preston and Steve, anytime you need a guy to talk sports, I’ll do the whole damn show with you. You guys rock! Have your people call my people. And by my people, I mean me. And by your people, I mean Kathy Romano. Day or night.


Eagles vs. Cardinals preview later in the week. Man, it’s only Monday. Guess I’ll have to watch some of those other teams that play in the city. Does anybody else have a hard time getting into the other squads while the Birds are still alive? After all, it was baseball season well into October, wasn’t it?

Here’s hoping it’s football season until February…


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3 responses to “Still riding the high – The Pundit gives his final thoughts from Sunday, and looks ahead to the Cardinals…

  1. Nice analysis of our thought process. I think this season was successful no matter what, yet we will have to suffer the crushing disappointment if we don’t win. However, if that is the case, it will fit more into the 2001 variety – when we lost to St. Louis the first time around. Hope I am not coming off too negatively here, but I God I hope we win. It just makes life so much better.

  2. Joe

    Don’t forget to thank the cardinals for keeping our first round draft pick from the panthers at 30, or whatever it is.

  3. Mike

    I have no problem getting into the flyers during football season, but that doesn’t mean i wont be thinking about the eagles the whole game, it’s the nfc championship man!

    totally agree with u on the monday feeling after the big win, me and my buddy dan at the restaurant we work @ said the same exact thing, no matter how terrible our jobs mite be, the eagles just beat the giants! hahaha

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