Wanna get fired up? The Pundit finds out what the Giants contingent is saying, and it ain’t pretty

I do love me a good rivalry, especially when it involves New York teams. This week’s game against the Giants is a hype machine, both nationally and locally. I decided, with so much at stake, to find out what the Gints fans were saying. All in good fun, of course. Ohhhhhh baby, am I even more ready for Sunday now…

From Mike Vaccaro of the New York Post:

The Eagles may be a wonderful story, they and the Chargers have no doubt brought a smile to Pete Rozelle’s face in a smoking room somewhere in the Hereafter for ratifying his wish that all teams at all times should have an opportunity to dream big dreams. But the Eagles are also a team that tied the Bengals this year. The Eagles are a team that scored three points against the playing-out-the-string Redskins in an everything game just 16 days ago.

Uh, my man, did you forget about how the Giants needed overtime to beat the Bengals, or how the Browns  smoked your team, 35-14. I repeat: the Browns smoked your team, 35-14. Right. Moving on.

Wow, couldn't have said it any better myself...

Wow, couldn't have said it any better myself...

From Giants 101, a New York Giants blog

The sky is falling and the Giants are doomed!!  They do not stand a chance!!

That’s the sentiment circling around the New York Giants upcoming game playoff game against the Philadelphia Eagles.  “Experts” and fans have labeled the Eagles the “Giants of 2007,” while others simply will not stop praising the Giants bi-annual rival for being the “hottest team in the NFL.”

So how will the Giants possibly stand a chance against this juggernaut Eagles team?  The way the Eagles used Brian Westbrook in their last matchup clearly indicates an almost automatic loss for the G-men, right?  Antonio Pierce will be completely owned on the field and Donovan McNabb will walk on water!  RUN FOR THE HILLS!!

Actually, yeah, that sounds about right. He missed the part about Plaxico Burress rising from the bullet casings and unintentionally stabbing Brandon Jacobs in the knee with the sword he had stashed in his sweatpants, though. Ah well. (Editor’s note: Unnecessary roughness – piling on).

Dude, sweet sword, Plax. Wait - you do have a permit for it, right Plax? Plax? Why are you running, Plax?

Dude, sweet sword, Plax. Wait - you do have a permit for it, right Plax? Plax? Why are you running, Plax?

From Big Blue 101, a New York Giants Blog

Everyone who knows me or has been reading this blog for awhile knows about my pure hatred for the Philadelphia Eagles.  I went to college in Pennsylvania and had to put up with four years of the Eagles going to NFC Championship games while there.  I hate all of their fat slob fans, and if I hear the “Eagles Chant” at any point, I go into a near murderous rage.  The GMen need to win this one for me so I can taunt all of these jerks and gloat.

I think I’ll just take the high road here. Right after I do this:


And now, I advise everyone in the New York area to duck for safety.

This one is probably my favorite. Man, this gets me fired up.

I live in a part of NJ that is probably 60-40 Philly vs New York fans. I know most, if not all, of the Eagle fans who go there. Other then that genetic defect which makes them fans of the Philadelphia Eagles, really they are not bad guys. I could even have reasonably intelligent discussions with them from time to time on non-football matters.

However, when it come to the Iggles, their brains turn into mush. Yesterday as I sat there enjoying what was an entertaining game, they just turned into morons—-no other word for it.

Don’t get me wrong, being passionate about your team is a good thing. These clowns are not passionate, they are mentally challenged! Every time the Eagles did something positive, rather then simply cheer, these knuckleheads yelled, cursed, jumped up and down on the bar—it was embarressing to watch. I realize asking for class from Philly fans is a stretch.

God, if I had a snowball, I would so throw it at you right now. No, no, wait, I got one – if you had just gotten drafted, I would totally boo you right now. Yeah, I would. Because, you know, even though I wasn’t in attendance for any of those events, I totally would have done the same thing. See, that whole stereotype about all of Philadelphia fans being such nasty idiots is totally true – we’re all crazy. Each and every one of us. Do we get a bad rap by the national media because they get paid to sensationalize and skim over events so they can keep up with a 24-hour news cycle? Nope, we deserve it. Each and every one of us. So please, lump all of Philly’s fans together with the few you know – it’s truly the intelligent thing to do.

Cowboys TO Back to Philly Football

And I’m spent. Bring on the friggin’ Gints. Here’s hoping they bring in Carlos Beltran to give the pregame speech in the locker room. That guy always knows just what to say.

(Editor’s note: Be sure to check back for The Pundit’s Eagles vs. Giants preview tomorrow night)


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