“Pulling a Minny” – The Pundit can’t believe the Vikings haven’t sold their tickets…

I mean, it’s sad, really. I don’t understand this one. Minnesota has traditionally been a football town, they’ve got a star in Adrian Peterson who is fun to watch, and they haven’t made the playoffs since 2004. Plus, their match-up with the Eagles is one they could feasibly win. I don’t think they will, but it’s possible.

Something has to be done about this.

I hereby decree that anytime one of your buddies decides to back out of a situation he/she should obviously take advantage of, it shall be called “Pulling a Minny.” Friend decides not to hook up with the hot chick at the bar that’s totally into him? Pulling a Minny.  Friend is offered free tickets to a sporting event, but instead doesn’t man up and reschedule a movie date with his girlfriend? Pulling a Minny. Friend has to suck up just a little bit to boss to stay in favor for the promotion, but decides to ‘keep it real’ instead? Pulling a Minny.

Two friends trying to intervene because of a friend habitually "Acting Minny."

Two friends trying to intervene because of a friend habitually "Pulling a Minny."

You disappoint me, Minnesota fans. Seriously. I can understand Cardinals fans hesitant to shell out the dough for a playoff game – they have a history of sucking, and it’s not really a football town, anyway. But not you, Minnesota – you don’t have an excuse.

Let’s do some playoff picks, even though I am traditionally horrible at making picks, and will probably screw all this up. I’ll take the Cardinals over the Falcons, the Colts over the Bolts, the Ravens over the Dolphins, and the Birds over the Vikings. I’ll take the Cardinals simply because something wild has to happen this weekend, and I think the Colts are just too hot to lose to the Chargers, and the Dolphins do nothing on offense to make me think the Ravens can’t stop them. Oh, and the Birds because of Tarvaris Jackson. I think every single one of these games will be pretty close, though. Again – I’m likely completely off base here, but I’m taking a shot.




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3 responses to ““Pulling a Minny” – The Pundit can’t believe the Vikings haven’t sold their tickets…

  1. Damn the Colts for losing!!! At least the Cardinals won. I think the refs were out to get Indy. Sports is the only place where I subscribe to conspiracy theories. Boooo!!

    Anyway, that out of the system, I like the ‘pulling a Minny’ bit. I think it is absolutely disgraceful that it took TWO extensions to have to sellout, and I think there was some ‘creative accounting’ to show the NFL that they had ‘sold out’. Just a thought.

  2. pattisonpundit

    Yeah, I think I remember, way back in the dreaded Kotite days, that the sellout dilemma happened to the Eagles now and again. I’m fairly certain that, once or twice, an entire commercial before the game aired mentioning how a business such as “Ford” or some other heavy hitter was bringing the game to the city, i.e., they bought the rest of the tickets. Wouldn’t surprise me if the same thing happened in Minny…

  3. I think I have blocked most of the Kotite era out of my mind, except for, say, 1992. 1994 was the absolute worst, with the 0-7 finish after the 7-2 start. UGH!!

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