Do you believe in miracles? The Pundit can’t believe the Eagles are headed to the playoffs

(Editor’s note: Especially because he missed most of yesterday unfold, instead spending his day in New York, enjoying the Jets vs. Dolphins. Thus, he can’t really offer a full game analysis – but he has a few thoughts and tidbits he thinks you will enjoy).

At times, I can be prophetic. Like this little snippet from my previous post:

A friend of mine gave me a ticket to the Jets vs. Dolphins game, a game that literally means everything for each team. Playoff implications definitely on the line, Mangini’s job probably on the line, possibly the end of Favre’s career. (Editor’s note: Riiiiiiiiight). Plus, if  I don’t watch the Eagles, this will be the week that everything goes just right for the Birds, and they’ll somehow sneak into the dance. All because I didn’t watch. Life’s a bitch sometimes.

But I’d take it.

And sometimes, as my buddy Joe pointed out, I’m not so prophetic:

Pray all you want for a Raiders win – it ain’t happening, baby.

Philadelphia, I hereby authorize a temporary mancrush on Michael Bush.

Philadelphia, I hereby authorize a temporary mancrush on Michael Bush.

But something strange always seems to happen to this Eagles team, and Philadelphia teams in general, when we give up all hope for them – they win. And not only that, but the stars seem to align for them. Like what happened yesterday. And believe me – I did not think that there was a single shred of hope for this team to make the playoffs. And that must be why they made the playoffs. As I wrote in a post after the Baltimore loss, strange things happen in this town when we all give up hope:

Whenever we give up on our teams in the middle of the year, they seem to suddenly rebound and make magic happen. Remember Jeff Garcia? How about the Sixers in the second half of last year? Or the Phillies two seasons ago, when they were down 7 games to the Mets with 17 to go? I don’t know what it is, but if our team is within arm’s length of success, but has routinely been falling short of reaching it, what always seems to propel them the final distance is the complete lack of faith our city places in them.

What a crazy, mixed up town we call home.

I think I will call this the Philly Hopeless Theory. Unbelievable. I mean, the Bucs dropped their last four games? The Bears really lost to the Texans? And we fleeced the Cowboys by 38 points? I told one of my buddies that if a stranger came up to me on the street and said that they would throw in 900 dollars if I would put in 100 on the Eagles making the playoffs, and we could split the winnings, I still wouldn’t have taken the bet. I didn’t give the Eagles a chance, and not only did my complete lack in the Birds fuel them to victory, but my supreme confidence in the Bucs and Bears doomed them.

Strange, strange things are brewing in Philadelphia.

Anyway, while watching the Jets vs. Dolphins game, I was getting a slew of text updates. Here are some of my favorites.

From: Miss

17-3 Eagles!

From: Rachael

Please tell me ur watching this

From: Yusef

What a defensive play!!! Stomp em out!!!

From: Cade

Hooooooooooooly shit…who would have thought it yesterday…Eagles in the postseason baby!

From: Ma

Omg – we scored again!!! Defense 91 – score 34-3!!!!!!!!

From: Mitch

Yo, I just turned on the Eagles game…omg

From: Ma

Seriously – Dawkins just made a tackle and Hanson scored after a 96 yd run. This is surreal!! 44-3!! Holy shit Pundit – wait til u see this

From: Yusef

Like that Lexus commercial, this Eagles-Cowgirls game is the bestest Christmas gift EVER


Just watching the Sportscenter highlights from the game got me pumped up. Bring on the Vikings, baby. Listen – we can beat the Vikings. We have the potential to do so. But they are a good team, with a good defense (especially against the run), and they sport the NFL’s best running back, Adrian Peterson. It will be a battle, and it will be on their home turf.

What Eagles team will show up?

That’s the key. That’s been the key all season long. What Eagles team will show up? Because next week, we can’t hope for a couple of teams to lose. Next week, it’s all on us.

But we’re in, baby – we’re friggin’ in!


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2 responses to “Do you believe in miracles? The Pundit can’t believe the Eagles are headed to the playoffs

  1. Nanners

    Perhaps our juxtaposition pulled it off – I was local – hanging on every play, and yelling (not as loudly as Rusty or Pop tho) while you were off on some lame trip watching who knows who.
    Maybe I’m the rabbit’s foot.

  2. Rant

    We can beat the Vikings if we play defense like we have been coming down the stretch this season. Stop #28 and Tavaris Jackson is sure to fuck up against us at some point. Plus think about it, we’re going up against head coach Brad Childress, an understudy of Andy Reid who our team will be all too familiar with, so we may have the upper hand.

    Shit, I just realized that Vikings fans are probably saying the same thing about our team.
    I say we win and go on to play the Giants, another team we know and will be ready for.

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