The Anticlimactic end? The Pundit dishes on Birds vs. Cowboys

(Editors’s note: The Pundit wrote much of this while listening to “Standing Outside a Broken Phone Booth with Money in my Hand” by the Primitive Radio Gods. Over and over again, really. If you’re interested in the full interactive experience, he recommends you listen while you read this post. It adds a melancholy curiosity – and its an awesome friggin’ song).

What, oh what, will Sunday mean? Will it somehow, majestically, become a game with playoff implications for the Eagles?

Or will it simply be the end of the season?

Will it be the last time we see players like Donovan McNabb, Brian Dawkins, Jon Runyan, Tre Thomas, and L.J. Smith in Eagles uniforms?

Or will it simply be the end of the season?

Will Andy Reid coach his final game? If he comes back, will Marty Morningwheg join him? Might they go after Scott Paoli after the season ends? Will we watch the last game of the Reid regime?

Or will it simply be the end of the season?

And what’s in a game, anyway? It has been suggested that somehow Andy Reid’s future will be determined by the outcome of this game. That’s just ridiculous. If you haven’t decided by now whether or not he will be returning (and everyone seems to think he is), than you’ve waited way too long to make that decision. A game against the Cowboys, on its own merit, is not a game that should make, or break, jobs.

Unless you wanted to break this thing up if the Birds missed the playoffs.

And chances are, they will not be making the playoffs. See, it’s not the game that means anything. It’s everything that follows that has people curious. Pray all you want for a Raiders win – it ain’t happening, baby.

Why is the kicker yelling? Did he stub his toe?

Why is the kicker yelling? What'd he do, stub a toe?

It’s funny – the loss to the Redskins made this both the anticlimactic finish to an underachieving season, and possibly the beginning of change at the Novacare Complex.

Then again, it could be the surprising victory that propels the Eagles to an unexpected trip to the playoffs.

Or, it might just be a football game, one that means absolutely nothing now, and will affect little in the foreseeable future.

But it’s the Cowboys. It’s TO, and Romo, and Jerry friggin’ Jones. It’s the NFC East. It’s the last game of the year. Controversy hovers above South Philadelphia like a flock of seagulls hovers above a piece of trash they’ve mistaken for food. Pride is at stake, and a few jobs might be, too. Donovan has said that everybody on this team has something to play for. (Editor’s note: Like their friggin’ paycheck. Except for Donovan. ‘Cuz he’s been great. Just ask him).

Oh, isn’t that nice? And if they had that attitude the entire season, maybe it would have been for a more uniform goal. Like a trip to the playoffs.

Everybody has a reason to watch, too. Maybe you are praying that the Bucs and Bears, or Vikings, will falter. Maybe you are hoping to say goodbye to Andy and Donovan. Maybe you just really hate the Cowboys. Maybe it’s an Eagles game, and you’ll be watching, regardless of the circumstances. Some people want a win, and some people want a loss.

But you’ll be watching. We’ll all be watching.

No, wait, scratch that – I won’t be watching. A friend of mine gave me a ticket to the Jets vs. Dolphins game, a game that literally means everything for each team. Playoff implications definitely on the line, Mangini’s job probably on the line, possibly the end of Favre’s career. (Editor’s note: Riiiiiiiiight). Plus, if  I don’t watch the Eagles, this will be the week that everything goes just right for the Birds, and they’ll somehow sneak into the dance. All because I didn’t watch. Life’s a bitch sometimes.

But I’d take it.

So what will happen? That’s the theme of this game against the ‘Boys – what will happen? What will it all mean? And this year, which has gone from one unpredictable turn to the next, should end in no other fashion.

How will we remember the 2008 Eagles? And will we care to?


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2 responses to “The Anticlimactic end? The Pundit dishes on Birds vs. Cowboys

  1. joe

    Pray all you want for a Raiders win – it ain’t happening, baby.

  2. Dave S

    Just some pretty awesome stats I read, post game on yahoo sports: “The Eagles scored a franchise-record 416 points this season. … McNabb broke his own single-season team record for yards passing, finishing with 3,916. … Akers kicked his 31st field goal in the first half, setting a single-season team record. … Jackson set a team record with 912 yards receiving. He became the first rookie to lead the Eagles in catches since 1942. … The Cowboys have lost nine consecutive season finales.”


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