After the tumultous season the Eagles have had, they’re the sanest team in the NFC East? Actually, yeah…

Wait, that can’t be right. I mean, first, we had the controversy with Lito Sheppard. And all of the talk about how we couldn’t stop anybody’s running game and how Donovan couldn’t win the close ones. And then we tied the friggin’ Bengals, and Donovan admitted he didn’t know how the overtime system worked. Than, he got benched against the Ravens, for Chrissakes. All of this while most of Philly was calling for Andy Reid’s head on a silver platter, because of the unbalanced play-calling, and his terrible record at replay challenges, and his clock-management, and his inability to make in-game adjustments, and his personnel decisions, and…

Awwww dude, that is so not cool. Yeah, um, that was the only picture we could find with a head on a silver platter-  yeah, that sounds right...

Awwww dude, that is so not cool. Yeah, um, that was the only picture we could find with a head on a platter. Right...

Where does the whole sane thing come into play, exactly?

According to this article by Gene Wojciechowski (Editor’s note: And yes, it’s a few days old – The Pundit maintains an extremely busy schedule), the rest of the NFC East is far nuttier than our Birds. In fact, he condenses the Eagles season in a bit more of a, um, tidy fashion than what I just did. Take it away, Sir Wojo:

Relatively speaking, the Eagles are the sanest team in the division. Coach Andy Reid might be out of a job at season’s end. And Donovan McNabb, who was benched by Reid earlier in the year, might be playing his last two regular-season games with the franchise. And running back Brian Westbrook has duct-taped his battered body back together each week. But other than that, all is well, especially after Monday night’s 30-10 win over the Cleveland Browns.

That seems a little watered down, right? I mean, this season has been far rockier than that, has it not? And suddenly, thinking about it, I felt sad, mostly because I was a little pissed off at Sir Wojo for underscoring how dysfunctional our season has been.

The inmates are running this Philly asylum, aren’t they?

But seriously. It’s kind of like if you take two people from rough neighborhoods, and set them down next to one another, and say “Talk about your past.” Inevitably, they will argue about who’s neighborhood was tougher. Hell, take two people from two different cities, and they will argue about which city was harder. I guarantee you, there’s some kid who grew up in Mount Airy, off at college right now, arguing in his dorm about how he’s one hard somabitch because he’s from Philly. (Editor’s note: And he’ll whup your ass with his silver spoon, believe that!)

You always take pride in the struggle, even if you want nothing more to do with it.

And Sir Wojo makes a very interesting point – after the win over Cleveland, and Arizona and New York before that, everything really is good in the Eagles camp. The Giants look human, the Cowboys act childish, and the Redskins seem to be in internal combustion mode. We got our controversy, it seems, out of the way. This team might just be peaking at the right moment.

Oh, and one other snippet from the Wojo piece worth highlighting:

The good news is that Redskins owner Daniel Snyder has a history of patience and understanding. Oh, wait, no he doesn’t. Snyder is the kind of guy who would fire Santa for violating a company-wide no-beard policy. Anyway, it will take an act of God for Washington to reach the January wild-card games.

See, everyone  – Philadelphians aren’t the only people to give Santa a hard time. And what’s a few snowballs compared to firing a guy, what with the economy being so terrible and all right now? (Editor’s note: Jeez, if this keeps up, he might have to put one in Rudolph just for the meat…wait, I just let the joke go to far, didn’t I?)

Oh, this was just perfect...

Oh, this was just perfect...

The moral of the post is this – we’re healing, and we’re doing so at just the right moment. Those other guys, they’re like the kids who went off to college who had never drank and went absolutely bonkers when they got to school and ended up flunking out after one year and moved back home where they got themselves a shitty job, a coke problem, and a kid with a one-legged stripper named Trixie. (Editor’s note: Wow, how very bleak of you, Pundit – way to spread around some holiday joy). Basically, they’re having their growing pains at precisely the wrong moment, the moment where their playoff future is hanging in the balance.

The Birds are past the drama – they just gotta win.

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One response to “After the tumultous season the Eagles have had, they’re the sanest team in the NFC East? Actually, yeah…

  1. Well, Dallas is taken care of for now. The Eagles can take care of DC, and hopefully either Atlanta or Tampa is knocked off and we’ll be in the driver’s seat.

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