Stewart Bradley wipes, Donovan’s gripes: The Pundit’s quick notes on the Birds

Stewart Bradley is a multi-tasker. Skip to about the 8:45 mark on the audio below from an interview of Bradley on the Jody Mac show on 950 ESPN Radio, and listen for a certain whooshing sound. Maybe he thought it was a shitty interview? (Editor’s note: Or maybe he was just in a pissy mood).

Jody Mac interview w/ Stewart Bradley

More Eagles thoughts after the jump…

– Anytime a story comes out about Donovan McNabb, this is what I hear in my head.

Ohmigod, ohmigod, ohmigod…did you guys hear what Donovan McNabb was saying lately. Like, he’s got like a chip on his shoulder or something. (Sound of bubblegum clicking) I mean, like, why’s he always gotta be acting so weird, you know? He’s always, like, smiling and stuff. I hear he’s not even really happy about getting benched against Baltimore…like, what did he expect, you know. Whatever.

Listen: Donovan is not a Philly guy. He just isn’t. When he screws up, he prefers to laugh it off. That’s how he handles it.

Who cares?

Maybe he was playing poorly, but he didn’t think he deserved to be benched against Baltimore. He’s a ten-year starter in this league, and still is in the upper echelon at his position. I don’t think he would say he was playing good football, but he didn’t agree with that particular decision.

Who cares?

Does he have a chip on his shoulder? Yup, sure does. His relationship with this town has always been tumultuous. He doesn’t completely get us, and we don’t completely get him. He’s got his own style, we’ve got ours.

Who cares?

As Rich Hoffman points out here, at the end of the day, all anybody really cares about is Sunday. The rest is just water-cooler gossip.

Or Kool-Aid.

– I recently saw Shawn Andrews. On the back of a milk carton.

Wow, either I haven't seen Shawn Andrews in a really long time, or he totally changed his look...

Wow, either I haven't seen Shawn Andrews in a really long time, or he totally changed his look...

– This isn’t Eagles related, but it’s something any Eagles fan will appreciate. Surely, you’ve heard by now of the Terrell Owens / Tony Romo / Jason Witten / Ed Werder drama. Well, recently TO lambasted Werder for faulty and irresponsible journalism. Take that for what you will, but please note my mildly prophetic snippet here from the comments section at The 700 Level. Essentially, when the TO “claim” that Romo and Witten were drawing up secret plays behind his back first broke, I wrote this little ditty in jest.

And now, according to Soapcenter…excuse me, Sportscenter, he believes that Tony Romo and Jason Witten are getting together and drawing up plays behind his back so as not to include him. I mean, does this guy have some mental problems? That just sounds paranoid. Of course, in the Ed Werder piece, all of his quotes about the situation were from “anonymous Cowboys players.” Hmmm, that seems fishy – maybe Werder just made the whole thing up to drum up some press for the six o’clock Sportscenter. Maybe Werder hasn’t liked the stories that have been coming out lately, so he made something up because he thinks he does better pieces than all of the other ESPN people. That darn Werder, he’s just drawing attention to himself with a made-up piece because he’s unhappy with his role at ESPN. Yeah, that must be it…wait, that’s ridiculous. TO has rubbed off on me – now I’m paranoid!

Posted by: The Pattison Pundit | Thursday, December 11, 2008 at 06:41 PM

Does TO read The Level?

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One response to “Stewart Bradley wipes, Donovan’s gripes: The Pundit’s quick notes on the Birds

  1. I have always loved McNabb, and it pains me to listen to his detractors. He certainly does have a chip on his shoulder, and I think anyone would after going what he has gone through in Philly.

    Still waiting for the big blowup in Dallas, and it won’t be Texas Stadium falling to the ground.

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