The Pundit Poll – How will the Eagles finish the season?

Well, after the victory over the Giants, we can actually have this discussion. Are the Eagles looking like a playoff team to you, or will they break your heart? Do you think they may hot-streak their way to the Superbowl, or will they be golfing come playoff time? Here’s your forum, people – vote, and feel free to comment in support of your vote.



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3 responses to “The Pundit Poll – How will the Eagles finish the season?

  1. Joe

    If they win their last 3 games, they WILL make the playoffs. They technically don’t control their own destiny… But these 3 wins will get them in the playoffs if one of these things happen:

    -Falcons lose 1 out of 3 (remember they play tampa)
    -Tampa loses 2 (remember if they blow the Falcons game, thats one, so only need one more after that.)
    -Or Panthers lose next 3 games (this is not likely)

  2. Rant

    I say the Eagles win out. But like Joe has noted, they’re gonna need some help to get into the playoffs. If somebody else in the wildcard race slips up, then we’re in. This team will stay focused and the defense will keep smashing people.

  3. I have the Eagles making it in, but I am not sure how they will get in. I wanted Carolina to lose last night, because they have the more difficult schedule. If the Eagles win out, then I also think Andy saves his job, for one more year, until he starts having #5 throw 55 times per game again.

    I will say it – if the Iggles make it to the playoffs, they are going to the Super Bowl – even if they have to go Carolina and New *ahem* Jersey for playoff games.

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