Is Plaxico’s career shot? The Pundit just wants to know how the hell this happened…

So, Plaxico Burress turned himself in to authorities today, and is likely in for a legal fight to avoid jail time, according to He faces a minimum sentencing of 3 1/2 years for illegally possessing a firearm. Ouch. The conversation is no longer simply whether or not the Giants will keep him on their team – now, it’s whether or not Plax will be hanging out with Mike Vick in the slammer. (Editor’s note: That’s cool, though, ‘cuz Vick’s his dawg).

No word yet as to whether or not Plaxico Burress will be pressing any charges against Plaxico Burress for shooting Plaxico Burress. (Editor’s note: Oh, that’s not right…)

Obviously, this is a major story in the world of sports, and other than the BCS is occupying much of the national media’s attention. Thus, the discussion has taken many directions: these athletes should be more responsible, with the multitude of athletes getting shot lately they need to protect themselves, they wouldn’t have to protect themselves if they put themselves in better situations, blah blah blah. I don’t really care about any of that mumbo-jumbo – I’ve heard it a thousand times. What I want to know is this:


I mean, seriously – how did this happen? We may chastise the guy for illegally owning and concealing a weapon, and rightfully so, but my real concern is that Plax stuffed a loaded gun down his pants…and didn’t put the safety on! To me, that’s the icing on this layer cake of stupidity. I could give two craps if the guy had a gun, and though I am by no means a proponent of breaking the law, I am not so naive as to think it doesn’t happen on a regular basis. But to put an illegally concealed handgun in his pants without putting on the safety?

That’s just dumb.

As a matter of fact, on the list of dumb things one could do, that ranks only slightly lower than dipping your balls in honey and jumping nude into a bears den at your local zoo. And even than, there’s always the chance the bears are sleeping. (Editor’s note: Or that Baxter returns in the nick of time and talks the bears down).

At the end of the day, we all make mistakes. And I am certainly glad to hear that Plax is okay. But what Plax did was foolish on multiple levels, and he is likely going to pay a steep price for his actions. He is lucky that neither he, nor anyone else present at the time of the shooting, was seriously injured. Guns are meant to be owned by mature, responsible adults, and are permissible under necessary stipulations. Plaxico broke those stipulations, and he proved beyond a reason of doubt why he should never own a gun in the first place. Forgive me for the soapbox of high horse rhetoric you’ve likely been bombarded with by the national media, but the facts are the facts.

Safety first, people – especially when you’re sticking a gun down your pants.


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One response to “Is Plaxico’s career shot? The Pundit just wants to know how the hell this happened…

  1. He’s done, at least as far as the Giants are concerned. What a stupid moron.

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