I love you, I love you not…The Pundit debates the future of Andy Reid

93-59, a .620 winning percentage (Regular Season)

8-6 (Playoffs)

1-3 (Conference Championship game)

0-1 (Super Bowl)

6 Playoff appearances in 9 full seasons

5 Division Championships in 9 full seasons

If you haven’t already guessed, these are the numbers compiled by Andy Reid since he became the Eagles head coach in 1999. Pretty impressive. And yet, there are many people in this town calling for his head. Let’s do a quick comparison.

123-99, a .554 winning percentage (Regular Season)

5-5 (Playoffs)

1-1 (Conference Championship game)

0-1 (Super Bowl)

5 Playoff appearances in 14 seasons

2 Division Championships in 14 seasons

Not bad numbers, though certainly not as impressive as Reid’s. Kind of seems like, after 14 years, you would have hoped your coach would have gotten you more than 2 Division Championships, 5 Playoff appearances, and at least a Super Bowl win. Would you have stuck with this guy?

If you said no, say goodbye to Jeff Fisher, head coach of the 10-0 Tennessee Titans.

Now, I suppose the argument for getting rid of Reid has less to do with his past, and more to do with the present and what can be expected of him in the future. Has his pass-happy version of the West Coast offense run its course? Is he drafting championship-caliber players?

I’m not sure on either account, though I’ve previously stated that I do not think that he should be the GM any longer. But I would give both him and McNabb at least one year after this one to prove that they can right the ship. (Editor’s note: Assuming they don’t do so this year – ahahahaha, oh, who am I kidding?) I think Reid’s past has earned him at least another year, even if they don’t make the playoffs this season. After all, it would be the first time in his era that he had missed the playoffs in consecutive years.

But then again…we did just tie the Bengals. Clock management is suspect, at best. We routinely struggle to score in the redzone, especially with the game on the line. We have yet to establish any semblance of a running game this season. We never seem to adjust to the schemes devised by the opposing defense. We just tied the Bengals. (Editor’s note: Good God, we actually tied the Bengals. The Bengals!)

And Andy Reid, throughout it all, seems too stubborn to change, or in the very least, to adapt.

God, I’m confused. I want to give the guy another chance. I want to believe that he’ll rediscover his previous success, and maybe even top it with a Super Bowl win. I want to believe because the good years were oh so good. Because he brought me guys like Donovan McNabb and Brian Westbrook, two of the best football players this town has ever seen. (Editor’s note: Even if the NAACP doesn’t like him, The Pundit supports Donovan McNabb. Though he should have known about the damn overtime rule).

And yet…the doubts keep creeping in. This season has been infuriating, and disappointing, and I don’t know if the Eagles or Reid will ever have that magic again. It sure doesn’t seem like it right now. He’s finished, cooked, toast. This tie against the Bengals was the icing on the cake (Editor’s note: Who said cake? That should get Andy excited).

Oh man, I can’t make up my mind. Do I stubbornly hold on to Andy’s past record and keep him around for another year, or do I stubbornly assume that he is completely incapable of adjustment and can him after the season?

Or do I wait to see what the hell happens for the rest of the year, and use these last 6 games to gauge his performance? Because, after all, if the Eagles make the playoffs, he’s got to stay. But if this team, one we thought was pretty talented, continues to lose, and more importantly, continues to underperform, than it might be time for a change.

After all, as the old saying goes, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. But if it’s starting to break…well, do you really want to wait around for the thing to completely fall apart?


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