A day of contrasts – some thoughts about the Eagles and Phillies on Sunday

Sunday was a strange day, full of angst and bliss. The Eagles and Phillies started and stopped at almost the precise same moment, and the results were completely contrasted. Was Sunday indicative of two franchises headed in opposite directions? Or just a truly strange day? (Editor’s note: He never actually addresses these questions in the following post. Quite frankly, The Pundit truly is wondering himself, especially given the Eagles past two games).


Ugggggghhhhhh. This one was painful. Over 200 yards rushing. An offense that slowly went the way of the buffalo as the game progressed. (Editor’s note: Really, American “buffalo” are actually bison. They are only distant relatives of the real buffalo, those being the water buffalo and the African buffalo. The more you know…)

– Chris Cooley killed them over the middle all game long, bringing up painful memories of Jason Witten in week two. I’ll grant that TE’s are reemerging in the NFL as effective weapons, but 8 receptions for 109 yards? No good.

– Call me crazy, but if you give up over 200 rushing yards, you’re probably going to lose. Just a hunch

– The Eagles looked unstoppable on their first drive. Whaaaaa happened? Um, the play calling went stale. Now, I’m not a huge fan of insulting the play calling, because if certain players don’t handle certain responsibilities, the perfect call won’t work. That’s football. Plus, a lot of research and film study goes into game planning in the NFL; these guys tend to know how they want to attack the defense. But I noticed something on Sunday, and I think it’s a trend – the plays that Andy Reid scripts for the beginning of the game are always diverse and effective, but as the defense adjusts, the Eagles offense tends to stay the same. I don’t know if Andy Reid simply isn’t a great adjustment coach, or if he’s so damn stubborn he refuses to stray from the game plan. Either way, the various formations, play designs and players utilized need to remain consistently diverse, because the Eagles really don’t have the personnel to get stale. They have play makers who are effective in space, namely McNabb, Westbrook and DeSean Jackson. However, force them into traditional roles, and they become less potent. Stir it up, big ol’ Andy. Stir it up.

– Seriously, the Eagles have to score touchdowns when they get the ball near the goal line. Field goals are like a beer goggles rendezvous – you take them, but you really wish you had done better.

– Seriously, David Akers, you need to grow back the beard. You are like the Samson of beards – without it, you lose your powers. Do it for us, David.

– The Redskins outplayed the Eagles in every phase of the game. They are a pretty good team. The Eagles certainly could have played much better. These are the facts. Draw your own conclusions.


I’m not going to say too much here, except that I’ve got a feeling. I don’t even want to reveal what that feeling is, for fear that no matter what I say, I’ll jinx us somehow. The Dodgers are hot right now, but the Phillies have shown a very mature poise. The starting pitching has been a revelation. The bats have done just enough. It was nice to see Pat the Bat find his groove again with two very picturesque home runs on Sunday. Way to take care of business, fellas. I’ve got a feeling, and I’m going to leave it at that.


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