Waking with the Pundit

The following hits brought to you by Penn State football

Your daily Eagles fix here: Scouting report for Sunday and  watching points from Eagletarian.

Well, Bill Simmons is back, and he has a few NFL predictions (after a lengthy dissertation on blackjack in the day).

Jason Whitlock on Richard Collier, black athletes, violence and truckers vs. golfers (Editor’s note: Excuse me?)

The series of the season opens tonight for the Phillies, as they take on the Mets. Can they find some of that magic from a year ago? God, I hope so.

Ladies and gentlemen, what you have in front of you is an amazing weekend for entertainment. This evening, the Mets and Phils kick off their series. Tomorrow at 1 is the Red Bull Soapbox Race in Manyunk. Plus, you’ve got Penn State vs. Oregon State and game two of the Phillies-Mets. Sunday, the Eagles open their season against the Rams, the Phils wrap up their series, and Entourage returns (Editor’s note: Hopefully, this season will be better than last). Check back in this weekend for coverage from the Soapbox Race, The Week in Review, and whatever small asides I may put out there. God, I am pumped for this weekend.


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