This guy’s an asshole

So, doing research for the Baltimore Ravens during my NFL preview, I came across this from Peter Schmuck (Editor’s note: Yup, that’s his real name) of the Baltimore Sun. I’m not going to link this, because I don’t want to give him any sort of statistical bump (Editor’s note: I can see the Baltimore Sun newsroom right now: “My God, we just got 15 hits from The Pattison Pundit. Holy hannah, we eat this week! Thank you, Mr. Pundit sir – you are a scholar and a saint.) BTW, this is in reference to ESPN’s article about the top NFL fan bases (we finished 4th. I think I would have flipped the Packers and the Steelers, but I’m not really mad about our ranking).

That bothers me way more than Steelers fans being ranked on top or even Eagles fans being ranked fourth. I’ve banged heads with the Eagles faithful for years, but I’ve never disputed their passion. Their IQ’s and their BAC, of course, would be another story.

I had to look up BAC, which of course is blood alcohol content. I didn’t realize we were abbreviating that now. Guess I just don’t talk about it enough to officially abbreviate it. What a jackass. Typical case of some idiot lumping all Philadelphia fans into one stereotype.

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