Waking up with The Pundit

Required Reading

Your daily Eagles fix here (Shawn Andrews getting back in the swing of things), here (Tony Hunt being experimented with at fullback), and here (McNabb keeping expectations for DeSean Jackson realistic).

With the craziness that has been the Olympics, the torture that has been the Phillies, and the looming question mark that has been the Eagles, The Pundit has neglected to touch on one of his favorite sports – college football. Be sure to check out Fox’s top 25 questions for 2008. (Be sure to check out 17 for a bit of love for Penn State, 10 for a Big Ten call-out, and number one, where their prediction for Ohio State is frustrating).

Andre Iguodala also wants to go to the moon, scale Mount Everest and bring us all world peace…his expectations for the future and Sixers notes here.

Okay, so this whole J-Roll frontrunning thing has totally taken on a life of its own. Deadspin, we need details! (Editor’s note: If this actually goes down, it will be one of the greatest feats of widespread sarcasm ever accomplished).

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