Waking with the Pundit

Required Reading

Extra, Extra! Read all about it! Despite more paltry run support, Cole Hamels finally gets the win.

Eagles tidbits here – looks like Mr. Demps is impressing.

I almost always enjoy Jason Whitlock’s columns. You might too, but if you are pressed for time, scroll down to his number 3 NFL truth – he has quite the prediction for Philly’s most controversial son.

Just in case you were having a bit of Brett Favre withdrawl after the heavy media binge – The Pundit found you a little something something (Editor’s note: Have you ever sucked d$*@ for Favre?).

If this keeps up, you’ll be able playing Madden on your cell phone too. This is pretty crazy, and can’t be good for your minutes.

Check back late night, for the triumphant return of Olympic Liveblogging. (Editor’s note: I’ll bring the chips, you bring the beer. Oh, do you know if anyone could score some Favre, ‘cuz that would be sweeeeeeet!).


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