Waking up with The Pundit

Required Reading

Aaaaaaaaargh! The Phils lose again.

Rich Hoffman thinks the Birds are losing popularity. Judge for yourself, but The Pundit isn’t convinced. Sure, training camp numbers are down drastically, but A. We’re in the middle of the Summer Olympics, which is on the tube 24/7. That’s guaranteed to distract people from football. B. The Phillies are in the middle of a pretty intense playoff push. I’m as big of a football fan as there is out there, but I haven’t been as focused on the Eagles this summer. It will happen, but probably not until the regular season. Then, its game face time.

Speaking of the Eagles, Les Bowen gives watching points for tonight’s game against the Panthers. In response to his final query, any shred of relevant insight into how this team will actually look during the regular season would be spectacular.

The 700 Level is less than pleased with Jimmy Rollins, who called Philly fans “front-runners.” Oh, really Mr. J-roll? It’s like that? The 700 Level goes on to mention how we’ve been giving him slack for an underachieving season, though if you’ve been following The Pundit carefully, you know that might not be the case. (Editor’s note: Yes, he just linked to himself, and no, he’s not proud of it).

Check back with The Pun later tonight, some preseason liveblogging is about to go down (Editor’s note: Unless all of the cool kids are ignoring the Eagles now…)


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