Waking up with the Pundit

Required Reading

Your daily Eagles fix here

FJM analyzes Joe Morgan’s analysis of the NL East race, and beyond (funny stuff)

The Diamondbacks gear up for the stretch run

Congrats to the Men’s Gymnastic Team for pulling the Bronze, despite much adversity. George Vecsey of the NY Times breaks it down (Editor’s note: slightly overwritten)

Parcels of Punditry

Kyle Kendrick looked really good for two innings last night. Then, he gave up six runs in the third. He walked Andre Ethier, hit Jeff Kent, and left one up in the zone to Manny, who ripped a double in the gap to left. The Dodgers would have scored more, but Jayson Werth gunned out James Loney at the plate on a Russell Martin single, and, after a Casey Blake 2 run bomb to center, Shane Victorino made a spectacular diving grab in center to rob Angel Berroa of a hit. Tough inning to watch.

Chase Utley looked good last night, doubling twice and coming up with a clutch, top of the ninth single with the bases juiced to score two and cut the deficit to 8-6. He had a great AB against fireballer Jonathon Braxton, who throws so hard his slider hits the low 90’s. Down 0-2 in the count, Utley fouled off several offerings before fisting a looper into shallow left field. With the game on the line, there is nobody I’d rather see at the plate then Utley.


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  1. tom

    choking chase is the only guy i want on the plate on the line. the guy is unbelievable, he plays his best under the gun gotta love that . kyle is a great player, i think in the next few years we’ll start to see him pull into a top 10 starter if he can stay out of trouble

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